How Rihanna Saved the Damn Day When an Airline Misplaced Her Makeup Artist's Luggage

You know how some celebrities seem like they would make for really good friends — the kind who always have your back? Rihanna is definitely one of them, and she proved it when her makeup artist got into a frustrating situation. Fenty Beauty makeup artist Priscilla Ono called KLM airlines in a panic after the airline lost her luggage, which contained her makeup kits and favorite tools — her "entire work life," essentially. A traveling makeup artist's worst nightmare.

Priscilla shared the news on Instagram and posted a screenshot of her phone call while attempting to get help. She had been on hold for 40 minutes and then was hung up on — talk about a stressful day at the airport. The makeup artist frantically explained in her caption, "I have tools in there I've collected for the past 14 years that are irreplaceable!"

Then, swooping in like the lingerie-clad hero she is, Rihanna commented, "Got you sis." In the end, Rihanna's intervention helped speed up the process of the airline remedying Priscilla's problem and ultimately getting her luggage back. Read on to see how the whole thing unfolded. Moral of the story? Find you a friend like Rihanna.

Priscilla's Call For Help

Priscilla spread the word by sharing her troubles on Instagram and asking her followers to help her get the airline's attention. "Please tag them I need help trying to located these 2 luggages that are my life!!" she asked.

Rihanna's Swift Action
Instagram | priscillaono

Rihanna's Swift Action

Thousands of Priscilla's followers commented and expressed their support, but one comment stands out. Rihanna wrote, "Got you sis" and then immediately got to work.

She addressed the airline directly and commented, "Sorry @KLM but my makeup artist @priscillaono traveled with your airline and has yet to receive or hear anything about her missing luggage from your company! I'm asking cause we have a big production starting tomorrow and maybe some help from you would be nice, as her work kit went missing on her flight with you! Thank you! DM @priscillaono with any information as soon as possible thanks!"

The Gratifying Update

Priscilla updated her post to let everyone know the airline reached out to her and that her bags were on the way. "I'm so grateful for friends like you! THANK YOU!!" she wrote.

And That's How It's Done
Getty | Stephane Cardinale

And That's How It's Done

Never change, Bad Gal.