Only Rihanna Could Pull Off a Manicure That Looks Like a Freakin' Work of Art

Rihanna clearly has "Summer nail trends" on the brain. After electrifying Instagram with her solid neon green nails in May, the singer revealed her latest supercool manicure with lavender jade nail art. Over the weekend, Rihanna shared photos of her new nails, which are pretty much identical to actual lavender jade, making this even more captivating than it already is. RiRi's go-to nail artist Jenny Longworth told Refinery29 that the "textural nail art" was created to look like some of the singer's "favorite jewelry."

Longworth said she used a similar strategy to that of creating marble nail art and "started with a really chalky lilac base." She added dabs of dark purple and with "a nail art brush saturated in polish remover," watered down the dark purple to give a marbled look. "I added in some highlights with a thin brush in white gel polish, and finished with a super glossy top coat to bring the whole look together," she said. And voila — a Summer nail trend was born.

We hope our manicurist can pull this one off because we're obsessed. Check out Rihanna's lavender jade manicure ahead, which she expertly paired with a lavender sheer dress and clutch.