Rita Ora's Milk-Bath Manicure Is as Classic as Can Be

Despite her adventurous fashion sense, Rita Ora keeps her manicures pretty neutral. The singer and actor often rotates between classic beiges and reds, and for her latest manicure, she tried the milk-bath nail trend. Los Angeles-based manicurist Lisa Kon shared a photo on Aug. 3 of Ora's long, almond-shaped nails painted in the soft-pink shade. "Milky daydream," wrote Kon, whose celebrity clientele also includes Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, and Hailey Bieber.

Sweeping nail salons this summer, milk-bath nails are a shade between pink and white, and they will occasionally be overlaid with tiny dried flower petals, which Kon has also demonstrated on Instagram. The manicure is a popular choice for celebrities looking for something classic. Jennifer Lopez wore the trend throughout her "Marry Me" press tour earlier this year, Madonna recently shared photos of her milk-bath manicure, and Meghan Markle is also a fan.

See photos of Ora's contribution to the trend ahead.