How Rue's Hair on "Euphoria" Conveys the "Ugliness" of Addiction

It looks like last night's episode of "Euphoria" was hard on all of us, including the hair team behind the show. After a stunning — and some would say Emmy-worthy — performance from Zendaya, the cast broke down how the attempted intervention affected them on season two, episode five of "Enter Euphoria," the YouTube series that gives a behind-the-scenes look at how each episode was made, and the show's lead hairstylist Kim Kimble had some thoughts.

Kimble has worked with some incredibly noteworthy clientele, including Beyoncé, so when she admitted that Zendaya's hair was the most difficult to work with for this episode, we were intrigued. "Rue's hair really worked with the story . . . her hair was the most difficult to do in the whole show," Kimble says. She goes on to clarify it wasn't styling that was difficult — making Zendaya's hair look unglamourous was the tricky part. "Making hair not glamorous when you have a glamorous, beautiful person is hard work," she says. "[When she walks] through the door, her natural hair is perfect."

Zendaya also spoke to the message that Rue's hair needed to convey. "We didn't want to shy away from the ugliness and the reality of being in that mind space as her emotional state just gets messier and messier," she says. Watch the full episode of "Enter Euphoria" below, and catch the explanation about Rue's hair at the 5:00 mark.

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