This Lip Gloss Is Spiked With CBD; Here's What It Did to My Stress Levels

Saint Jane
Saint Jane
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I never thought I'd own a CBD-laced lip gloss, let alone one with packaging as luxe as the Saint Jane Microdose Lip Gloss ($28). I just never thought such a thing would ever exist, and as someone who often swirls a few drops of the nonpsychoactive, calming chemical compound into her tea before bed, I was curious if sweeping on something as easily accessible as a pink lip gloss would give me the same effect.

At first glance, it looks like the typical gloss. It has fine flecks of glitter suspended in its nonsticky formula, and to test it, I swept two coats onto my lips with its pointed doe-foot. Immediately, my lips felt hydrated. Less immediately — in three minutes' time — I was noticeably calmer, and, for better or worse, the anxiousness of looming deadlines I was feeling seemed to have been quieted. The feeling lasted for the rest of the day. After what I had just experienced, I had to see if what I had felt was thanks to the CBD or due to some kind of placebo effect. I gave a tube to two other editors, one of which thought she, too, became relaxed. We laughed as she mentioned a tingle to her face, and after she (jokingly) asked me, "What if we're stoned from lip gloss?" The second tester felt nothing.

"We use very high concentrations of CBD in every Saint Jane product we create because we believe it translates to better efficacy in the formulas," said the brand's founder Casey Georgeson, who added that there are 50 milligrams of the chemical in each tube. "Fifty milligrams is double what most other cannabis-derived lip products contain. Depending on how much you use, you'll get about a milligram or two of CBD with each use. That's why it's called Microdose, compared to our serum, which delivers eight milligrams per application."

A few factors could have contributed to our different experiences with the gloss — including the amount that we dabbed onto our lips — but we're honestly shook at how an unassuming tube of lip gloss could make a group of editors giggle so much.

Ahead, see every shade of the shimmering shot of relaxation.

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