Sarah Hyland's "Rich Girl" Nails Are the Perfect Neutral

Neutral nails are officially the poster manicure for Hollywood with Sarah Hyland being the latest to prove it. On April 5, the actor posted a carousel of pictures on Instagram, with the first showing her perched on top of a table. Save for her precarious position, the stand-out detail in the photo was Hyland's "rich girl" nails.

Starting with long, almond-shaped nail extensions, Hyland's fingertips were painted a light greige shade — a perfect cross between the "rich girl" and "supermodel" nail trends. For that expensive finish, the manicure was topped off with a shiny topcoat, which made the color really pop. To complete her cowgirl-chic look she accessorized with a large hat, a few rings, and some oversized sunglasses.

Ever since celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik coined the term, "rich girl" nails have exploded in popularity. The look has been worn by some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Ciara. The trend can also act as a base for other nail designs, like french tips and crystal accents. If you need a versatile manicure, you've struck gold. Take a closer look at Hyland's version of the trend below.