There's a New Drugstore Razor in Town — and It Shaves in BOTH Directions

I am someone who, unfortunately, needs to shave her legs every damn day. Either I have dark stubble showing on my bare legs in the Summer or the prickly stubs rub against my jeans in the Winter. So rain or shine, I lather up and slice my thick, dark leg hair.

It's not sexy, but it is necessary for me to feel comfortable. Since I am married to my razor, I consider myself to be somewhat of a shaving snob. When the reps for Schick told me the brand was launching a razor that shaves in both directions, I was skeptical. That sounds like it's going to give you some serious razor burn, right?

So they sent me an early sample, and I was pleasantly surprised. The tool is called the Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor ($12 for one razor with two refill cartridges), and have mercy: the thing actually works!

While it looks like a basic "upscale" razor — nice-looking blades wrapped in comfort moisture strips — it's also hot pink, which speaks to my girlie heart. But what it is really important here is that you can shave back and forth, up and down — in basically any direction you'd like — without lifting the razor off of your skin. I felt zero discomfort and got no razor burn after using it multiple times, and I have supersensitive skin.

"The little rubbery pink strips on the cartridge act as a skin-stretching element to present the hair for efficient shaving," Eric Kaplan, project manager of research and development at Edgewell Personal Care, told POPSUGAR via email.

After consumers told Schick they were looking for an easy-to-use razor that had bidirectional technology (fancy!), the brand dreamed F.a.b. up. It's especially effective on areas like underarms and upper thighs, where hair grows in multiple directions. I use other hair removal methods on my hair down there, but imagine this would work well on a bikini line.

Keep reading to see exclusive GIFs of the razor in action.