4 Sephora-Approved Challenges That Will Maximize Your Beauty Stash

Got 99 lipsticks but only wear one? There's a solution for that. No, you don't have to pare down your beauty stash to just everyday favorites: what you really need is to find an excuse to rediscover products you already own. Today, that excuse comes in the form of beauty challenges — and they're all courtesy of Sephora's online community.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with this hidden gem on the retailer's website, the community is essentially a forum where members can share photos, products, and tips with fellow beauty mavens. The thread topics span everything from seasonal launches, to all things skincare, to — you guessed it — beauty challenges. Most of us only use a fraction of the beauty products we own, so challenges can be a great way to dive into your personal collection. Maybe you'll rediscover an OG fave, or perhaps you'll find the perfect use for that loose glitter you've been holding onto. Either way, you'd be surprised at the results trying one of these challenges can yield. To help you get started right away, we sifted through community threads and narrowed down our top four favorites. Happy experimenting!

1. The 100 Days of Lipstick Challenge

Between creamy, liquid, and ultra-matte, you truly can never own too much lipstick. But if you often find yourself reaching for (and going through multiple tubes of) the same shades, the community's 100 Days of Lipstick Challenge will help you show love to the rest of your collection. It's exactly what you think it is: wearing a different lipstick for a full 100 days. If you don't own that many tubes (Impressive!) or have well over 100 (relatable), feel free to adjust this number. Just don't forget to snap a pic each day and share it — and what lipstick you're wearing, of course — with fellow challengers in the community.

2. The Mask of the Week Challenge

Indulge your inner skincare junkie by taking the community's Mask of the Week Challenge. Here, all mask variations are welcome — sheet masks, clay formulas, peel-off masks, and more! Every week, the thread creators will note a specific type of mask or brand for community members to use, with additional fun challenges mixed in sporadically. All you have to do is dive into your skincare stash to pick your poison, take a photo, and relax. Equal parts fun and self-care, this is exactly what beauty should be.

3. The "If You Lost All Your Makeup . . ." Challenge

Don't panic, this is purely hypothetical. But if your beloved makeup bag were to go missing, or your beauty drawers were randomly raided, the "If You Lost All Your Makeup . . ." Challenge will make you realize which products are truly your holy grails. After recovering from the initial shock of this mock situation, this challenge asks you to think about which 10 products you'd replace first — tools included. Whether your Fenty foundation, favorite eyelash curler, or staple red lipstick makes the list, you'll come away from the challenge with a new appreciation for your routine's true beauty heroes.

4. The Full Face Challenge

This time, you can choose your own adventure. Also known as the All Different or One Challenge, you're invited to create a full-face makeup look using one of two options: products from all different brands (no repeats!) or just one (no exceptions!). Depending on how you look at it (and how loyal you are to one specific brand), both of these options can pose a fun challenge. Want extra credit? If you choose to go the different brands route, try to select products that aren't part of your daily routine already. While this might feel like an easy default, pushing yourself to reach for other products will keep things interesting and expand your horizons.

Don't see a challenge that you're into? Start a new thread in the Conversations page today!