Here Is the Exact Date That Sephora x Moschino (Finally) Drops

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Update #1: Aug. 11 is a Friday, which is traditionally pay day. Prepare to immediately transfer that direct deposit over to your Sephora shopping cart, because that's when Moschino x Sephora drops! This limited-edition line of teddy bear-inspired makeup and (of course) accessories is one of the most heavily hyped collaborations of 2017.

And for good reason! Take a look at Sephora's official Instagram announcement (above). Of course, that furry bear sleep mask is the focal point, but check out the model's perfect burgundy lips. Those come courtesy of the collection. We were always expecting Moschino x Sephora's packaging to be on point, but this is the first confirmation that the actual makeup will look gorgeous too. Plus, it's Jerrod Blandino-approved.

"Berry fabulous." What more do you need? Be sure to shop as soon as you can on August 11, because these looks are too cute to last long.

Original Post: From over-the-top phone cases to gold-studded fanny packs that make you stop and seriously consider wearing a fanny pack, Moschino consistently delivers fricking adorable accessories. Unfortunately, the brand is also known for its designer prices that can give many of us sticker shock. That's why we're so excited to report that the brand's newest collaboration with Sephora was made with affordability — and beauty junkies! — in mind. Elle Canada reports that the upcoming cosmetics collection features seven teddy-bear-themed products.

The brand first teased the large eye shadow palette that doubles as a toy figurine. A brush set, highlighter, lip gloss set, faux bear fur eye mask, and mirror compact will also be released in August. Although this news was first reported to a Canadian outlet, this set will be available in the United States.

There's no news on exact USD prices, but Creative Director Jeremy Scott says that affordability was the starting point for this collab. "I learned very early on how much young people love my work, and sometimes they don't have the means to get it. This is another way for me to do Moschino and not sacrifice quality. It's a lot more accessible. I love to be able to put my arms around more people and have them be a part of the Moschino family in some capacity." While we wait for the collection to drop, we happily accept Scott's bear hug and look forward to the toy-themed collection.

If you're wondering why Scott decided to expand into affordable beauty as opposed to fashion or accessories, it turns out that Scott's a big believer in the philosophy beauty junkies already know: "I just love the power of makeup and the way it can transform your mood. I think that's such a beautiful thing."

We have reached out to Sephora for more information and will update this post as soon as we find out because we're so gosh darn excited.