The "Shullet" Haircut Blends 2 of This Year's Most Popular Hair Trends

ICYMI, the mullet haircut has been on a comeback tour for much of the last few years, popping up on celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X. But in the spirit of this year's theme of reimagining once-divisive hairstyles, there's an all-new take on the mullet that's a combination of two beloved hair trends: the "shullet."

The "shullet" haircut is exactly what it sounds like: it blends different characteristics of a shag haircut with a mullet haircut, although it tends to offer a much less dramatic take on both. "It's long, almost overgrown, in the back and a lot shorter in the front," NYC hairstylist Devin Toth tells POPSUGAR. "It's not like the '80s mullet that's short in the front, but it's short. Like shorter than a shag in the front."

The hair length on the top and front of a shullet, according to Toth, is also a bit longer than that of a classic mullet, differing by a few inches. "A classic shag has bangs, but the layers on top are mid-length," he says. "For the shullet, it's a classic shag but the layers on top are very short and don't blend into the back where the hair is extra long."

The gist is that, if you're looking to try out a style that's just as trendy and stylish as a mullet or shag, but without fully committing to either, this hybrid cut is the way to go. "The shullet is for anyone trying to break free from the contrived norms," Toth says. "It's low-key and chill, but it's still really, really different."

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