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Who's the Cast of Netflix's Skin Decision?

A Look at the Skin Decision Cast: Who Are the Experts Behind the Makeovers?

Who's the Cast of Netflix's Skin Decision?
Image Source: Netflix

Neflix's new docuseries Skin Decision: Before & After isn't your average makeover show. Unlike past programs that focused on people's plastic surgery experiences with breast augmentations, nose jobs, and liposuction on the quest to "perfection," Skin Decisions focuses on the often emotional connections behind these procedures, showing that — despite what the masses may believe about going under the knife — it's not always a process that's sprinkled in vanity.

While the show does a great job of showing viewers that the patients behind these surgeries are multidimensional beings, the doctors and medical experts on the show — plastic surgeon Shiela Nazarian, MD, and Nurse Jamie — shouldn't be overlooked. Before you stop what you're doing and immediately add the show to your queue, read ahead to get a look at the stars and experts of Skin Decisions and learn a little more about their journeys.

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