The Skittles Nail Trend Lets You Wear All Your Favorite Colors at Once

Skittles was onto something when they created their tag line, "Taste the rainbow." In any given packet of the candy, a multitude of colors are represented: yellow, orange, red, purple, and green — and now that trend is extending to nails.

First, there was the paint chip manicure trend, where each nail is painted a different shade from the same color family, and now there's the "Skittles" manicure to feed your nail polish color indecision. This new take on the multicolored nail look includes a different hue on every finger, like the contents of a Skittles candy bag, so you'll never have to pick just one color again.

The fun manicure is the perfect way to bring Summer with you as you head back to school, and you're sure to make new friends in your classes with this conversation starter at your fingertips.

Check out some Skittles manicure inspiration photos from Instagram, ahead.