Smokestack Is the Hair Dye Trend You're About to Be Obsessed With


These days, it seems like there's a new trendy hairstyle every week — from opal locks to tie-dyed tresses, it's a little hard to keep up! But we've finally come across the be-all and end-all of gorgeous hair color: smokestack. A beautiful combination of gray and rainbow, the smokestack style will undoubtedly catch on quickly.

It's the brainchild of Pravana artistic color director Vadre Grigsby, and while it looks complex, smokestack color would be simple for your hairstylist to replicate. It combines five shades of black-based hues — in this case, plum, violet, amethyst, gray, and lilac — all applied in angled layers to drape in a natural gradient. Watch the how-to video to get inspired for your next trip to the salon, and trust us . . . you'll look smokin' hot.

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