Why You Shouldn't Get Waxed Right Before You Go Swimming

The season for weeklong beach vacations, overseas plane rides, and cross-country treks is here. Celebrating Spring break can take a toll on your skin and hair, whether you're laying out in your backyard or partying in Bora Bora. So, beware of these basic beauty mistakes that can ruin your vacation. To get tips for sidestepping these classic beach slip-ups, keep scrolling.

Presoak strands: Chlorine from the pool and the salt in the ocean can dry out your hair (and turn it wacky colors). So, to prevent the tangled and frizzy look of a beach bum, take care of your hair before you dip and follow Olympic champion Natalie Coughlin's tip: saturate hair with water and conditioner before hitting the waves.

Hydrate: Don't let the sun soak up all your moisture. Getting at least eight glasses of water (more if you are getting physical exercise) is crucial during your vacation. Plus, if you decide to sip mojitos poolside, then you'll need to replenish your inner irrigation system. Visiting the hospital for heatstroke doesn't count as a tourist attraction.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is an essential for any day in the sun. But don't be fooled and apply only once. The FDA recommends wearing "water-resistant" protection and reapplying every 40-80 minutes depending on the label's instructions. The prescribed dosage is one ounce, so think golf-ball-sized dollops. The higher the SPF, the lower your risk of sunburn (so choose 30 or more). Also make sure to cover all the places exposed to the sun's rays — that means on lips and underneath straps, too.

Wax early: Yes, you probably want a neat bikini line for your frolic on the beach or tanning by the pool. But you don't want to feel the burn in that area. The trick is to avoid shaving or waxing immediately before your dip, since both hair removal methods can make skin more sensitive. Also, in order to ward off unpleasant razor rash, use a shaving gel and new blades every time.

Skip makeup: Sure, you want to look cute while you lay out in the sun, but let your natural glow shine. In other words, leave your makeup bag at home. Any oil-based products will quickly turn to a slippery mess on your face and body (which will only attract sand in unwanted places). For your beach beauty bag, keep it simple. Sunscreen and SPF-laden lip balm is all you really need, but you can add waterproof mascara if need be.