These Are the 6 Trendiest Fragrance Notes For Summer 2017

In the same way you tuck your chunky knit sweaters and Winter coats away as temperatures rise, your cold-weather EDPs ought to be rotated to the back of the shelf to make way for Summer scents. A thick and musky perfume with leather notes may work in the dead of Winter, but hot months call for splashy, juicy, floral scents that cool your sun-drenched soul.

We're seeing all the above fragrance trends for Summer 2017, but this time with a twist. From traditional rose scents spiked with exotic berries to crisp citrus infused with warm sandalwood, we're covering the trends and suggesting some of the latest launches that embody each.

Softened Peony

Softened Peony

While peonies will never go out of style — they're far too lovely — many would consider them a "vintage" flower when it comes to EDP. We're seeing this fluffy floral making a serious comeback in the fragrance world, though, and it's often being paired with softening notes that make for ultrafeminine, highly enchanting scents.

At the heart of Pinrose Lil Dipper ($65), you'll find a generous supply of peony and lavender, which melts into a creamy sandalwood and amber base that provides warmth and depth. Italian bergamot and lemon give it a slight zing for even more dimension.

Rihanna RiRi Kiss Eau de Parfum ($60) beautifully marries the richness of peony with a splash of plum, a hint of orange blossom, and an undercurrent of musky vanilla and earthy cashmere woods. We're also detecting an ever-so-slight hint of mint, which elevates this perfume and makes it feel fresh and never drowsy.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne ($130) also fits the softened peony bill. The peony serves as the hero with suede acting as the colead.

If you're into sugary scents, Vince Camuto Ciao Vince Camuto Eau De Parfum ($85) is a sticky-sweet fragrance that smells like a bowl of mashed wild strawberries and freshly squeezed pink grapefruit drizzled with honey. Add just-plucked peony petals and smoke it out with a bit of sandalwood and patchouli, and you've got Ciao.

Electric Woods

Electric Woods

"While woodsy scents are usually darker the more powerful they get, lately we've seen a different trend where stronger but still light woods are paired with citrus or spice to produce a more vibrant, energetic kind of power that feels modern, clean, and sexy," said Alex Gilman, fragrance expert at LuckyScent. "A great example is French niche newcomer Parle Moi de Parfum, a brand from the sons of legendary perfumer Michel Almairac. The Cedar Woodpecker ($145) has been flying off our shelves."

Cedar Woodpecker boasts a sturdy cedar base that's been electrified with green citrus and tamed with velvety soft iris.

Nest Verde ($72) also fits into this trend with its rich panel of wild fern, Himalayan ceder, zesty verbena leaves, and musk.

Both have a masculine edge to them, but if you want to go straight men's cologne, Clean White Vetiver For Him ($84) is a great go-to. The borrowed-from-the-boys formula smells likes a well-dressed, freshly showered man who has just returned from a bonfire getaway and still has a bit of sweet smoke lingering in his hair. It features notes of white vetiver, cotton wood, forest moss, amberwood, bergamot, juniper berries, and tonka beans.

For a woody fragrance that leans warm and spicy versus bright, try Juicy Couture Majestic Woods Eau de Parfum ($130). One spritz and you suddenly feel as if you're standing in the center of a wooded forest that happens to be home to a curiously placed praline factory. It's sweet, masculine, and undeniably earthy.

Spiked Rose

Spiked Rose

If there's one thing you can count on for Summer fragrance trends, it's roses. For the 2017 season, though, rose has been given a seductive edge.

"While lusher, more mature rose scents — and their ultralight, youthful tea rose counterparts — occupy a relatively fixed place in the fragrance world and will always have their market, it is fun to see rose scents breaking out of the 'only for little kids or old ladies' dichotomy," said Gilman. "Fresh rose scents spiked with fruit are definitely having a moment right now, as evidenced by fragrances such as Givenchy L'Atelier de Givenchy Rose Ardente ($235) and Parfums de Marly Delina ($290), and on a more niche end, scents like Annick Goutal Rose Pompon ($105), which blends rose, raspberry, and blackcurrant, and Altaia By Any Other Name ($210), which fuses lychee into rose."

Spritz Givenchy's Rose Ardente on your wrist and try not to suddenly feel more powerful in your own shoes. Though rose is certainly the star of this EDP, it feels bold and brazen thanks to an intoxicating infusion of chili pepper and patchouli and an undercurrent of zesty bergamot. Parfums de Marly Delina has that same sort of masculine, dynamic quality. Here, Turkish rose is spiked with rhubarb and lychee and tempered with nutmeg and vanilla.

If you're a minimalist at heart and want straight rose, reach for Aerin Garden Rose Eau de Cologne ($165). It smells as if fresh water has been placed in a bowl and filled with wild rose petals, then set out under the hot sun all day long.

Another great layering option is Kai Rose Perfume Oil ($48), which puts rich rose absolute on display and comes in rollerball form. Generously apply either post shower for a "I just napped in a field of roses" vibe, or try layering with a splashy citrus or intoxicating spice.

​Herbal Citrus

​Herbal Citrus

"As we approach the hottest months of the year, citrus scents are bound to trend no matter what. While classic citrus — even when crisp — tends to run sweet or bitter, we're now seeing a more modern citrus that plays up a deep, juicy, almost herbaceous crispness," said Gilman.

For example, look for grapefruit scents that almost verge on smelling like marijuana, like the brand-new Escentric Molecules Escentric 04 ($150). This scent uses pink grapefruit to play off the almost tropical sandalwood of the main ingredient, a synthetic molecule named Javanol, explained Gilman.

Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua ($152) is another that combines herbal qualities with bright and zesty citrus. It's inspired by Italy's famous Amalfi Coast, and so it has that ocean-spray quality. At the same time, it combines bright mandarin and lemon with earthy basil and grassy shisho leaf, while jasmine adds a touch of sweetness and spearmint cools.

Sparkling Violet

Sparkling Violet

We've got peonies and roses, and we'd be remiss to not include violet.

Though violet probably won't be departing the world of fragrance any time soon — if ever — we're seeing this delicate floral elevated with fresh, sparkling notes. Take Kate Spade Live Colorfully Sunshine ($95), which infuses sumptuous violet with juicy pear and sweet jasmine. It's a truly dazzling scent that has a bubbly Champagne, "heading to the pool, no cares in the world" vibe to it.

Guess 1981 Eau de Toilette ($62) — named after the year the company was founded and inspired by the sexy LA lifestyle — puts violet on a pedestal. The powdery floral is invigorated with mandarin, bergamot, magnolia, and neroli, and is wrapped in honey-doused musk.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

"If you see connections between all these trends, so do we," said Gilman. "Summer 2017 is going to be all about energy, modernism, and casual but powerful scents. Black pepper, with all its oily, spicy, and invigorating energy, has featured prominently in several recent hits."

Gilman recommends checking out Phaedon's Poivre Colonial ($125), which will send you on a power trip with one whiff. It opens with a festive fusion of grapefruit, nutmeg, and peppercorn, and then dries down into a rich, earthy fragrance thanks to cedarwood and vetiver.

Atelier Cologne's Poivre Electrique ($130) also delivers a high-voltage dose of crackling black pepper and bitter orange, and is ever-so-slightly subdued by myrrh as it wears.

The vivacious richness of black pepper is undeniable in Comme des Garcons's Blackpepper, too ($103). In addition to the namesake ingredient, this EDP excites your senses with hints of charred patchouli and luscious tonka.

Another way to incorporate black pepper into your fragrance rotation is to layer your existing go-to with Demeter Pick Me Up Spray in Black Pepper ($17).