Astrologist Susan Miller Predicts Your Summer Beauty Horoscope

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When we learned that Susan Miller, the founder of the viral horoscope site AstrologyZone, teamed up with Fresh beauty on the brand's adorably chic zodiac soaps, we had to get in on the celestial party. So we had Susan Miller predict your Spring and Summer beauty horoscopes (with some fashion, fitness, work, love, and general life advice thrown in there, too!). We read ours and are happy to report that she's spot-on. Keep reading to discover what the stars have in store for you!

In her very own words, we present Susan Miller . . .

The Spring and Summer of 2015 bring such reason to be excited! This year, two major planets — Saturn and Jupiter — will change signs. These are considered the two most important planets to judge what may be coming, because they set up the themes and aspirations that affect us all.

Jupiter brings lucky breaks and good fortune. Hopes and dreams can be realized, and sometimes lucky breaks seem to simply land in your lap. Jupiter will remain in the royal sign of Leo until Aug. 11. When Jupiter leaves Leo, this planet will not return again to this sign until June 2026. While Jupiter remains in Leo (a placement it took up in July 2014), we will all continue to have a longing to indulge in a bit of luxury. This will happen through premium skin care products, spa treatments, and by having hair styled in fine salons. We will gravitate toward exquisite fabrics and designs and prefer to accent quality over quantity.

Saturn is the taskmaster planet that teaches that nothing worth having in life comes without hard work and the taking on of responsibility. Indeed, Saturn reminds us that it is the goals that we work the hardest to win that become our proudest accomplishments. What you accomplish during a Saturn transit you keep forever.

In December 2014, Saturn entered Sagittarius for the first time since 1985-1988, and all signs have been adjusting to new responsibilities in different areas of life. Soon, on June 14, Saturn will retreat back to where this planet had been traveling over the past two years, in Scorpio. That means this Summer, everyone of every sign will have a chance to rest, exhale, and get ready to adjust again when Saturn returns on Sept. 17. Once Saturn is back to Sagittarius, it will stay until Dec. 2017. Every sign experiences — and learns from — Saturn differently. Saturn rules structure, routine, and self-discipline — all elements that have a place in life.

Also happening this Summer will be that Venus, the beauty planet, will go into retrograde from July 25 to Sept. 6. It will be very important to note these dates; during this time, do not institute any radical changes to your looks. When any planet retrogrades, it sleeps and withholds its greatest powers. Venus rules beauty, so you can see why it's the wrong time to make big moves involving your appearance.

Do not schedule plastic surgery during Venus retrograde, nor change your hair color radically. If buying new makeup for Summer, work with your stylist well in advance of July 26, and when getting ready for Fall, purchase your new colors after Sept. 6 (which happens to be the day after Labor Day). During the Venus retrograde, it is fine to buy replacement beauty products and to get roots touched up and regular trims. Venus would never want to see you look like a ragged little ragamuffin. If you were considering a spa vacation for a weekend or a week, do not plan it for the time Venus will retrograde, or you may be disappointed with your experience.

Now that you have the lay of the land, let's get specific about your outlook for Spring and Summer 2015, including beauty suggestions you may want to consider.

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Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Of all the signs, in Spring/Summer 2015, you have the very best prospects for finding true love. Jupiter is standing by to help you find the right partner for you. And since last July, when Jupiter first entered this area of your chart, you have met that person. If not, you still have time, and as the weather gets warmer, life will get more social. You will need to do your part by circulating more and by being open to a wide variety of types. Jupiter teaches the value of being open, accepting, kind, and generous, and will want you to be that way too. Your birthstone is the brilliant diamond, dear Aries, and it's not too far a leap to suggest you may be on your way to being given one in 2015. If you are already attached, you may decide to conceive now — the part of your chart so lit up, the house of love, also rules pregnancy and birth.

Aries rules the head and hair, and having a glorious head of hair is a prerequisite for you to feel confident. This Spring, ask your stylist to update your style, and when you decide, think of the silhouette of the new wardrobe items you are buying for Spring and Summer, but also for Fall, too. If you are going with the wider, boxier look seen on the runways, you may want your hair shorter and closer to your head. Ask your stylist about ways to keep your hair shiny and glossy. Another idea is to look into hair accessories, from clips to a headband to a pretty cord around a ponytail. You can have fun with hair extensions too, so ask for your stylist's opinion on ones you can try.

During the Venus retrograde (July 25 to Sept. 6), protect your hair color at the beach with a hat and perhaps an umbrella. The sun can radically shift color and not in the way you would want. For your skin, reapply sunscreen frequently.

Check out the technological improvements in shampoos, conditioners, and hair color. There are new products that include primers that are used prior to blow-drying; a wide array of dry shampoos that can extend your blowout; shampoos and conditioners that boost hair strength, repair damage, or enhance shine; and more. Aries is adventurous and always ready to try a product after reading good reviews. You take the time to check things out, dear Aries — there's a reason you have the prettiest hair in the room.

There is one more beauty product to try. With the possibility of the romance of your life happening this Spring and Summer, you will want to choose a body scrub that smells delicious, feels divine, and keeps your body baby-soft. Some scrubs are so sensual that it can become the highlight of your shower. (Fresh's Brown Sugar Body Polish is mine!) Your new sweetheart or mate will feel the difference in you.

Now let's turn to makeup! Aries is ruled by Mars, and as such, you are competitive and don't mind standing out. Red is your color, so if you're single and going to an evening event, you'd make a beautiful lady in red. If head-to-toe red is not your mood, consider a Taylor Swift red mouth —sensuous, warm, and certain to make you noticed by all the right admirers. Generally, when it comes to fashion and beauty, Aries does not like to be "told" which colors to try, but you will enjoy working with your department-store stylist to come up with a look that is new, but more importantly, that is quintessentially "you." Your colors include all the shades of bright red, including coral and a light red, which is pink.

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, Aries likes to stay alert and on her A-game. Citrusy fragrances, perhaps mixed with floral (as flowers come out at the time of Aries' birth), would accomplish that beautifully. All flowers with thorns are ruled by Aries, so that includes rose, honeysuckle, frankincense, myrrh, jasmine, geranium, ginger, woodsy pine. When it comes to citrus, lemon and grapefruit come to mind for Aries. Your gem, as said, is the brilliant diamond.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

This year, Spring and Summer will likely be devoted making your home your castle. Jupiter is standing by to help you find a large, spacious apartment or house with large windows, sunlight, and possibly a stunning view. You've not had Jupiter's help since mid 2002 to mid 2003, so if you're in the market to buy, sell, or rent, you'll find you will be in luck. If you love where you live now, you may be now motived to put in a new kitchen or bath, reorganize the space, paint each room, or do a needed large repair project.

Being that you'll be on the go, you need an easy beauty routine that will take you through the day, as well as a comfy pair of sneakers — such as Vans — to slip into each morning as you search for fabric swatches and color and surface clips.

Saturn will oppose your Sun this Summer, so you'll have to keep an eye on your health and fitness so that you can deal with the extra responsibilities Saturn may have for you. (Thankfully, things will normalize by September.)

Look into the new formulas for body lotion, which have become as nurturing and healing for your skin as they are silky smooth and almost impossibly sensuous. The very process of caring for your body in the morning and evening as you smooth on thick, whipped body cream will remind you on a deep and subliminal level that you are your body's very best friend.

Taurus rules the neck, usually overlooked by women of all signs, but the neck is one of the first body parts to reveal age if not properly cared for. Several skin care companies have targeted the neck with special new technology that provide an excellent delivery-system treatment that works remarkably well to restore a crisp contour to the jawline. A patient soul, you, thankfully, will give a cream the time it needs to work.

Your color is green, just as your gem is the emerald, so this season, look into the new nail polishes in subtle, oh-so-pretty hues from shimmery forest green to palest mint. Doing so will give your usually tailored look a fresh, unexpected twist and prove you are up on trends. (This goes back to the age-old question you might be asking yourself, "Do I err on the side of looking too classic or too trendy?") As a Taurus, you tend to be the former — conservative in dress. In case you are afraid to dip your toe in a bit of trend-worthy fashion, keep in mind fellow earth-sign Capricorn: Mrs. Obama. She wears interesting nail polish shades like mushroom. If she can try new things in her position, you can too.

When it comes to scent, Taurus' flower is the rose due to having Venus as your ruler, so any fragrance with a rose base would be ideal for you, as would one with violet undertones. Taurus is an earth sign, so sandalwood, a little spice, and light woodsy scents may be even more enticing to you. The brilliant emerald, symbol of Spring, is your birthstone.

Certain scents seem to attract you, including those with sandalwood, rose, or musk as a base. Consider too scents with notes of violet, hyacinth, or peach flower.

Whenever you try a new fragrance, buy the body butter to match, for as any fragrance expert will tell you, matching the same-scent body butter will extend your fragrance many times over and ensure your perfume will not evaporate into thin air an hour after you've left the house.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

This Spring and Summer, you will be honing your skills in communication, an area you excel in. The fun part about what you will be doing is that you will be learning to master a new area within your field and extending your influence. For example, you have always written books; your bestseller may bring an option on a movie. Or, if you are a popular columnist, you may be asked to host your own TV or radio show. If you write a blog, you may be invited to write a monthly column in a high-profile consumer-fashion magazine.

You will also likely be traveling more than usual, to both near and far locations, from now until mid-August, as Jupiter, based in your third house, will see to it that you do. You may want to stock up on your favorite beauty and makeup essentials in small, packable sizes and to keep them in your suitcase. Venus will tour your sign the only time this year from April 11 to May 7, the ideal time to see about updating your look.

From May 11 to June 24, you will have Mars in Gemini for the first time in two years, a time your profile will be very high. Venus will retrograde from June 25 to Sept. 9, so make sure you make all your fashion and beauty selections before that happens. Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, will be in retrograde in the middle of your Mars transit, from May 18 to June 19, so avoid making big-ticket purchases at that time, as your judgment will be off — later you will wonder what you were thinking when you made the purchase.

Gemini rules the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders, including the clavicle bones. Sleeveless dresses prevail this season, so this is your moment to get your arms in enviable shape. When out in the evening and wearing strapless, dust a shimmery highlighter over your clavicle bones and cheekbones to your face.

It's also time to take very good care of your hands. You will be using them quite a bit. So, even though it's Summer, you may want to get into the luxurious habit of paraffin manicures. The heat of the wax will soothe your hands and banish any stiffness you have from being on the keyboard. You may not be aware of how stiff your fingers are until the paraffin melts them away.

Did you know when you go to the circus and the man in the sideshow booth offers to guess your age, he glances first at your hands to estimate your age? Hands are one of the neglected parts of many women's bodies, and as a Gemini, you use your hands more than the rest of us. If you have hangnails, ask your manicurist not to cut the cuticle but rather to push it back with apricot oil. Saturn, the teacher planet, currently touring your sixth house of health, rules your cuticles. Experts believe your nail cuticle, ruled by Saturn, if torn, can be the entryway for bacteria, so it's important to keep it in fine condition. Some hand care creams come bundled with a host of benefits, including an SPF, UV protection, special emollients, and cuticle cream. Saturn rules cuticles, and this planet is touring your health sector, so it's a good time to pay special attention to them.

In terms of makeup, Gemini is an air sign that avidly reads about all the current fashion trends. When you see a new runway makeup look you like, you are enthusiastic about trying it. All news is ruled by Mercury, and this explains why you read so much and watch TV beauty segments on the news. (Mercury also rules advertising, and you clearly enjoy some of the ads, too.) Vow to find at least one beauty news item to act on as you finish reading each fashion magazine, either through an editorial or advertisement. You are spending valuable time reading those magazines — this way you can be sure at least one idea had an impact on your looks.

Of all the signs, you are fortunate, for Gemini is tied to the myth of Pan, and that means you are the one sign that looks younger than your years your entire life. Part of the reason is that you tend to eat right and follow up-to-the-minute skin care advances. You are also ever curious about the world around you. Gemini stays hip in sprit, including your youthful approach to fashion and beauty. You fidget a lot, so chances are that you have stayed thin, for you are always on the move. Socially, if you think about it, you probably have many friends who are younger than you because you are drawn to the interesting projects your younger friends are working on, and they inspire you.

In terms of colors, your sign is linked to yellow — be it bright and sunny or a pale hue. This year, yellow is coming in strong as a trend for Spring and Summer, and among the many tones, you can find one will be madly flattering for you. For makeup, use peachy shades to add a flush to your cheeks and lips. Yours is an intellectual sign that's always on the go, and yellow is so right for you. It's the color of yellow legal pads, pencils, taxicabs, and the orange juice you drink to be alert in the morning. The tourmaline is your gem, which comes in a rainbow of stunning colors. The canary-yellow diamond seems especially fitting for you in 2015, as does the changeable, beautiful Alexandrite.

Citrine is considered a gemstone of communication for this stone is said to promote the flow of energy in speaking, writing, editing, negotiating —talents that all belong to Gemini. It is easy to see how perfectly the citrine is suited to Gemini. You are known to be the master communicator of the zodiac, whether in writing, speaking, editing, or doing research, publicity, public relations, marketing negotiation, and sales. In ancient days, it is widely know that merchants put a citrine in a cash box to make profits multiply. Another saying goes that if you want to project a dynamic positive image in communications, wear the citrine quartz.

It's interesting that quartz (citrine is part of the quartz family) used to be in modern communication devices such as the television, radio, and the telephone, so it is no wonder the citrine is Gemini's lucky stone. (Quartz crystal wafers were used to control the frequencies of oscillating electric circuits in quartz watches and radio transmitters. They are also used to convert electric signals into sound waves in devices such as sonar and ultrasonic generators — all areas ruled by Gemini. There were other uses, but these are a few examples of the qualities of this remarkable gem.)

As a Gemini, you are an eternally curious, intellectual sign, and always open to new ideas — the citrine will simply underscore all these qualities in you and allow them to blossom further. This stone is said to be able to protect you from the negative energy from people who drain you, and will promote clear, sound understanding and reasoning. Citrine is also said to strengthen your determination, balance, and vitality. It is one of the very few stones that is said to be self-cleansing and does not hold in any negative energy, so it does not have to be cleaned regularly. For so many reasons, citrine is the perfect stone for Gemini.

For fragrance, try pink grapefruit (Henri Bendel), and other fragrances with a light, spirited citrus undertone would be ideal for you. Another scent that Gemini adores is Vetiver (Bulgari and Fresh Zodiac oval soap), for it has a soothing effect on Gemini.

Saturn will oppose your sun until mid-June if you are a May-born Gemini, so responsibilities will mount. If you are finding you have a stressful day, try lavender. If you were especially romantic, lily of the valley (Ralph Lauren Romance) or lilac would be a charming selection for you.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

As a Cancer, Spring and Summer will be financially prosperous, so chances are, you will be able to afford a long-coveted luxury or two. Your career may be changing radically, especially due to the eclipse that happened on April 4. With many planets stacking in your fame and honors sector, you will come before the public at a moment's notice. Make it a point to get your hair colored and cut on a strict schedule, and do not attempt to stretch the visits too far apart to save money — that would be a false savings with your stellar aspects. The press will come calling just when you need a touch-up, and you'll have no time! You will likely be visiting the nail salon more frequently, too. Be determined to look extremely well groomed at all times.

Your need for independence will be very strong, so much so that you may become too impulsive about major career decisions, especially in April, a turning point month. You have a lot on your plate because your home appears to be a place of radical shifts as well, and more changes are on the way at the next eclipse, Oct. 12. Cancer rules the home, so in order to feel secure, you need a stable situation there, but for now, home seems temporarily in flux. During these changes, you need to find ways to treat yourself to fun things to look forward to.

Venus will be in your sign from May 7 through June 5. This is a perfect time to boost your morale by choosing new makeup colors for Spring and to book a spa treatment to regain your sense of balance and calm.

Cancers of all ethnicities are known to have beautiful translucent skin. Look into a new skin care line that can banish brown spots, restore radiance, boost moisture, and has antiaging properties. Often changing products completely can lay the groundwork for a breakthrough to your looks. Your sign rules the beasts, and so you may enjoy wearing evening clothing that shows off your delicate décolleté, so don't forget to moisturize your chest, too.

You are a romantic, so your approach to fashion may be a little different from the other signs. You want to look soft and approachable. So for example, if the menswear look is trending, and that look does not feel right for you, you'll skip an entire season and wait for designs that suit your personality more closely. Cancer tends not to buy for one season, but rather they purchase quality things that will take you through many seasons, over several years. The same is true for makeup colors, but in that case you should venture out to try a different cosmetic company that would have a different palette.

A little known truth is that some companies come out with colors that tend to lean toward more flattering to brunettes than blondes and vice versa, season after season. Look closely and you will see, and often the founder's coloring is a tip-off of which way the colors will lean. See if this helps you choose a new cosmetic company to explore.

The moon rules Cancer, so pale colors in fabric that has some sheen — which is reminiscent of moonlight on the beach — would look divine on you. Think about trying on silk organza, silk satin, silk charmeuse, or silk taffeta. These are all gorgeous fabrics for evening on a Cancer. For your best colors, think about the delicate colors found inside a sea shell. Those are your colors: they may flatter you and be fortunate for you. Try pale, icy blue, light silvery gray, powdery tea green, and whispers of pink or cream.

When it comes to makeup, you tend to like a natural yet romantic look perhaps with a deep rosy-pink rosebud mouth, with your hair worn long — try tousled, beachy waves. The elegant pearl is your gem, so taking inspiration from that, consider using a highlighter with some subtle luminosity on your cheekbones for doing so would look chic and romantic.

In terms of flowers and fragrances, the range of white flowers belong to Cancer, including lilies to gardenias, paper whites, white lilac, white roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, and all single-note floral fragrances. Experiment and you may find you are drawn to a scent that uses one of these white flowers as a base; it may become your signature.

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)

You have been the celestial favorite since July 2014 when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered Leo for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter is standing by to help you realize your greatest wishes, so choose carefully. You will have special favor until Aug. 11, at that time Jupiter will speed on to Virgo. When you have Jupiter at your side, as you do in this rare instance, you tend to enjoy good health and prosperity. You can widen your circle of friendships as well as get introduced to VIPs in high echelons. Overseas travel to a location you've not seen but would be excited to see now usually happens, too.

In the later part of the year, money will roll in generously, and your income will be directly related to proposals and projects you enacted during the period between July 16, 2014 and Aug. 11, 2015. If you still have a proposal you would like to show an influential person, get busy and make that appointment — time is running out. You will not have Jupiter in Leo again until July 2026.

The wonderful part about your personality, dear Leo, is that you love fashion and have fashion-forward style. You would rather have several beautifully designed outfits than a closet full of lesser threads. At the start of every season, you plan out your purchases from outfit to accessory and shoes, too. You catch the twice-a-year runway shows, and you carefully note the makeup the designer showed with each look. No wonder you wear your runway look with supreme confidence!

You never forget to wear your designer sunglasses, so if you aren't famous yet at least you look like you are. Paparazzi will snap your picture as you enter the many A-list parties, charity benefits, and art showings you attend on a regular basis.

Leo is the sign associated closely with royalty. Your sign is ruled by the Sun, which is at the heart of our social system. It's the star that all the planets dutifully march around, so the sun has a unique role. The constellation of Leo also holds Regulus, the brightest fixed star in our universe, at 29 degrees Leo. Just as the Lion rules the jungle, Leo was born to rise to a leadership role and become the ruler and final
authority. In America's history, most of our 44 presidents have been Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio — all fixed signs. Our current president, Barack Obama, is a Leo.

Your colors are associated with royalty, too. In ancient days, kings and queens wore royal garb of fabulous fabrics colored in rare dyes. These dyes of scarlet, red, purple, and gold were too expensive for the common man to afford. These colors became associated closely with Leo. When a royal made a public appearance, these colors helped the common people spot their leaders easily. Your birthstone gem is the precious ruby.

Upon returning home from parties, you might be tempted not to take off all your makeup, but doing so is a must. Have premoistened makeup-remover towelettes on your nightstand. So even if you are exhausted, you can still remove your makeup. Store a serum and moisturizer there too, so you can get a little hydration as well.

When it comes to skin care, you tend to buy premium lines, and you expect to see results within a reasonable time. You don't buy drugstore cosmetics as a rule, as you like to try on the products for a sense of the texture and colors. You also like to huddle with a department-store stylist. He/she will know your preferences and can fine-tune your look for the coming season in a very individual way. Working with the same stylist over time can help you perfect your signature look.

This year, a lot of news is being made with high-technology textures in foundation and brightness of blush, lip color, and eye makeup. This year, investigate liquid lipstick, which can give you incredible shine, and the new generation of foundations that have a velvety texture, which are as light air. Armani has been experimenting with liquid eye shadow that produces gorgeous results with ease.

When you think about it, wearing a product that was introduced in the last 10 years may or may not be your best bet. Why not check up on what's new and right for your skin concerns now? New colors bought at the start of a season are always a boost, so have your makeup done and enjoy the compliments. You've changed, the world has changed, and your beauty products might need to change, too.

Mercury will be in retrograde until June 11, and Venus won't go into retrograde until July 24. That means your best time to shop for cosmetics will be when Venus tours Leo, from June 12 to July 18.

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)

You are on the verge of entering the very best year of your life, starting August 11 when Jupiter enters Virgo for the first time since mid-2003 to mid-2004. Spring and Summer 2015 is a phase of preparation. Once Jupiter (the good fortune planet) enters your sign, you will be crowned celestial favorite, and you will be showered with luck and special cosmic privilege. Your sunny epoch will last until Sept. 9, 2016, a period of nearly 13 months.

Opportunity and favor will come to you from VIPs, you will greatly expand your social and professional circle of contacts, and you will find that a long-held dream will be within your grasp. Your health will become more robust, too. It's also very likely you will travel to at least one exciting city abroad — one you've never seen but would be thrilled to see. It is vital that you go over your goals and prioritize. Choose the goals with the greatest potential for long-term gain, for you are starting a cycle this Fall that will carry you forward on that track for 12 years or more. If you like, you can choose a difficult goal to achieve — you will be surprised by the support you get from others during your golden period.

In the Fall, you will assume a very high profile, meeting and greeting many people, and being out quite a bit. Not only will your career show exceptional signs of gain, so will your personal life. Having Jupiter in your sign is considered the very best place to host Jupiter if you are single and hoping to meet your one true love. It will be a year when people fuss over you and where your confidence will be at an all-time high.

For now, you need to withdraw and spend time thinking deeply about what you hope to achieve in your life and what would truly make you happy. Being that you will be on display, you may want to stock up on several beautiful wardrobe pieces and kick up your beauty routine another notch. As a Virgo, you are one sign that takes superb care of your health and fitness, and chances are, you have luminous skin because you eat sensibly. Virgo rules the digestive process, most specifically the intestines, so many Virgos prefer a light fare to heavy creams and sauces. (Many Virgos are vegetarians.)

If you start to see the universe subtract some elements in your life this Spring and Summer, do not become alarmed. You need to make room for the goodies the universe will bring you once Jupiter enters Virgo. If you don't create the room, your life will be like a computer with too many applications open and ready to crash. Begin to let go of obligations that are no longer satisfying and that limit your ability to take on new, more interesting projects. Make room for a new romantic relationship if single, or be sure to have more fun with your one and only if attached.

Make room for new friendships too. You are such a hard worker, you often leave no room for your personal life . . . but in the coming year, if you don't, the universe will do it for you. Do not panic when you see certain elements of your present life washed away with the tide. Those will be the projects, people, and possessions you no longer need. The apartment that you always complained was too small may go away when your landlord sells the building. You may wail, "I always loved that little place!" If you are honest with yourself, you didn't, and now you will have a chance to find something infinitely better. (Or the job you found tedious and boring may be downsized. "I will always miss that job!" No, you won't — wait until you see how much nicer a job you can get now!)

Here's a day you will want to remember: the luckiest day of the year falls on Aug. 26, when the Sun and Jupiter have their annual meeting. This year, these two luminaries will meet in Virgo, so you will be the most celebrated of all signs. The sun and Jupiter will only meet in your sign once every 12 years, so make this a red-letter day. You will have extraordinary favor from authority figures, but you will also likely find great happiness in love and romance.

In terms of beauty, investigate the many excellent masks that are on the market. Over a short time, you will see a difference in the tone, hydration, and suppleness of your skin. The newest ones allow you to apply them before bed and will work while you sleep. There is a mask for literally every possible skin concern, from hydration, antiaging, brightening of dark spots, dark under-eye circles, dull and uneven texture, and pore refining, to loss of elasticity, acne control, and oily skin. It's best if you select a few masks you like and rotate them as you go through the week. (As a Virgo, you happen to be talented with setting up routines and diligent about following them.) Be sure to check out the new charcoal masks as they can detoxify skin in ways other masks cannot. Look for charcoal products from brands like Peter Thomas Roth, Origins, Mario Badescu, Dr. Perricone, Kate Somerville, Glamglow, and SK-II.

Venus will retrograde in Virgo from July 25 to Sept. 6, which falls the day after Labor Day. When a planet retrogrades, it urges us to rethink assumptions. If you have become too set in your beauty routine, it may be time to shake it up. You are entering an entirely new chapter of your life; one you will have a strong hand in shaping. It may be time for a completely new hairstyle, to signal the new you is about to emerge like a butterfly. Sometimes a new look perfectly fits a new life, and sometimes it even spans a new outlook.

You were born at the time of the harvest, when Summer is slowly dissolving into Fall. The colors that are associated with you are the moody shades of the evening sky that usually fills with clouds, and the look of the landscape at this time of the year. The clouds add color and emotion (try navy and teal), and the trees contribute chocolate brown, tan, and a wide variety of greens. Of the greens, your color is mainly the deep hunter green of the leaves and pine trees in September.

Your flowers are the tiny flowers that grow wild on hilltops and meadows, especially those that are yellow and blue. There are other small flowers that are included: buttercups, lavender, orange blossoms, forget-me-not, and the aster. (Note: in fashion, Virgo also rules small prints.)

Scents perfect for you include those with a vanilla base — try the historical classic French perfume, Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez. Or here are several more scents to try: vetiver, or a scent with a fresh citrus base, or when you feel in need of calm, lavender. Generally, Virgo prefers fresh light fragrances with a floral undertone, or a single note, say, lily of the valley. For evening, a perfume with the warm, sensual scent of sandalwood seems ideal for earth-sign Virgo.

Your sign is very associated with Jade, the stone associated with fidelity and faithfulness, and its color is soothing — the perfect shade of green for you. For a precious stone, choose the brilliant blue sapphire.

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)

Of all the signs, you have been challenged the most and deserve the most pampering. First, you had taskmaster Saturn limiting your options and making you learn hard life lessons from Oct. 2009 to Oct. 2012. However, just as Saturn was about to leave and give you some peace, Uranus began to oppose your Sun. This started in March 2011 and will continue until March 2019. Libras born with birthdays that fall in September or the first 10 days of October have already felt this aspect. (Libras born at other times of their sign are yet to feel the direct rays.) On top of this, the eclipses in Aries and Libra started on Oct. 18, 2013, and have continued every six months, causing you to make many adjustments. That family of eclipses will end March 23, 2016. To say the universe has demanded a lot from you is an understatement. But through it all, your life is being reshaped, and you have a perfect opportunity to make it the way you want it to be.

The last time you had a year that even approached the golden year you are about to have was from Sept. 2004 to Oct. 2005. Back then, Saturn was not in the right place, so life was good but not great. This time will bring a bigger and better experience. It will be as if the universe saved all its goodies to one year, to make up for all that you've gone through in recent years.

This Spring and Summer, you do have some sweet aspects too. Your friends are the golden area of your chart, and it's clear that if you would like to add a number of new friends, you can and would experience quite a bit of personal growth from those new associations. Your new friends will be successful and very optimistic, ready to help you in any way they can. In fact, if you need advice, your friends will be the ones most likely to bring you the right answer. For example, if you need a new place to live, advice about the right school to send your child, or a tip about how to buy an appliance at or below retail — go to a friend instead of an expert.

You would also benefit from joining a social or professional club, as group activities shine for you. This includes charities and humanitarian efforts, so you may want to volunteer for a cause. Or, if there is a presidential candidate you believe in, roll up your sleeves and become a volunteer on a political campaign. It could be quite an exciting experience, and you would meet and work alongside like-minded people. If you were looking for love, any of these areas would be fertile ground for meeting someone special.

Jupiter will brighten your friendship sector until Aug. 11, so make a concerted effort to be out and circulating more. After Jupiter moves into Virgo on Aug. 11, life will quiet down. You will then begin your long preparation for your best year of your life, starting Sept. 6, 2016, to Oct. 7, 2017. You will need to do some deep thinking and not be distracted. You will need to delete anything in your life that is draining you and that you find no longer satisfying. It will be time to reorder priorities and to draw up new aims.

Your golden year, from late 2016 to late 2017, will be no usual year, but one that shimmers like diamonds. Considering how many challenges you've faced recently, you will see the contrast easily. Have faith that you are moving into a period of ease, where you will enjoy better health, an opportunity to travel far and wide, find love and romance, and get favor from VIPs. You will widen your circle of friends and business contacts, and be stimulated by all you experience. Hold that thought in your mind, as that year will be here before you know it. To become happy, you must think about what would make you happy — sometimes not an easy answer — but one you will need to articulate, and that might take some thinking. Take your time.

This Spring and Summer, life will be supersocial before you begin your time of thinking and perhaps hibernation, so it would be a good time to feel glamorous. If you've not tried false eyelashes, this is the time to do it. Ask your favorite salon if they have a makeup artist to do your eye makeup and affix the lashes. There are many types of lashes and different ways to apply them, so you may have experimenting. The final effect is dazzling. You may find that lashes individually applied (as opposed to a strip) produce the look you like best.

Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra, and you are known to be exquisitely well groomed and put a high premium on good manners. You don't skip brow waxing or manicure-pedicure appointments. While you are at the salon getting ready for a night out, you might want to ask your stylist about a new evening look, perhaps incorporating pretty braids for a very different look than you usually wear. Or you might want to try a 1960s Brigitte Bardot look, with a pale mouth, dark eyes, and hair in a slightly messy chignon — or, even more adventurous, a tousled bedhead look with sexy volume. (Your hair can be messy as long as your makeup is exquisitely done.)

The colors for Libra are the pastel ones that you find in the Rococo drawing room— dusty gray-pink, faint green, silvery gray-blue, deep rose, cream, and soft yellow. Your gem is the opal, as well as the beautiful sapphire. Flowers associated with your sign include large roses, jonquil, lupine, primrose, foxglove, bluebell, and all blue flowers. (Venus, your ruler is associated with the color blue.)

In terms of scents, try a fragrance with strong floral undertones. A gorgeous one to try would be Alien by Thierry Mugler, or one with warm fruity undertones — check out Hermès and Cartier.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)

You have just emerged from two years of Saturn's testing when Saturn, the taskmaster planet, left your sign on Dec. 23, 2014. But Saturn is about to make a brief, 13-week visit back! This will happen this Summer, from June 14 to Sept. 17. Before you groan, Saturn is coming back because it did not give the Scorpios born late in their sign their full 10-month attention — Saturn was only hovering near the mathematical degree of those native's sun for only seven months. It is unlikely anything new will come up, so no need to be concerned. It may be a busy summer, however, with Saturn hovering, so build in frequent weekend getaways. And also, if possible, treat yourself to at least one spa treatment a month.

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is now touring your 10th house of honors, awards, and achievement for the first time in a dozen years. You've enjoyed this favor since July 2014, so by now you may have seen heartening career progress. If not, you have until Aug. 11, 2015, the date Jupiter will leave, not to return to this area of your chart until 2029. You have an extraordinary chance to leap ahead of the competition if you get started now.

It will be critical that you look every inch a leader. Observe how others are dressing in your office — especially the women VIPs — and if you like the look, emulate them. If they are dressing too classic, depending on your industry, you can add a younger, hipper, fashion twist to the look. You will know how subtle you'll need to be. In a creative field, you can, of course, express yourself, but this is the time to take your look up a notch, with some special outfits. You need to fit the role of a high-level executive.

In terms of your looks, as a Scorpio, your eyes are legendary. You are said to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac, and you live up to that reputation without even trying. The smoky eye was practically invented for you, and this year, the cat eye might appeal too. Look into the new makeup and textures, such as the one Armani recently introduced that makes a subtle smoky eye as simple as one swoop of a liquid eye shadow.

Colors for Scorpio are black, maroon, burgundy, and eggplant. Also try the new color that Pantone says will be the color of Autumn 2015: marsala.

You like the idea of a "uniform" to wear each day, in which you need not think too much before getting dressed. Black can be a draining color, however, so consult your favorite makeup stylist to choose the right blush and bronzer to warm your skin, and consider wearing the red lip. Pantone suggest these shades for Summer, so when the thermometer reaches above 85, you may agree. Soft hues mixed into your neutral wardrobe sound perfect. Think: tangerine, deep coral, toasted almond, navy, and lavender.

Leather comes under your ruling planets, Pluto, so for cooler climates, you might want to add a pastel leather jacket or choose an outfit out of one of the newly developed paper-thin Summer suede fabrics that were the talk of the February 2015 runways. This innovation allows for wearing suede all year-round.

Your flowers include the chrysanthemum, hollyhock, geranium, and honeysuckle.

Your birthday gem is the deep-red bloodstone. Your scent is eucalyptus. Perfume for Scorpio is a light, haunting musk. There are many varieties, so spend an afternoon at the fragrance counter at your favorite department store to try some — one may call out to you. Check out Tom Ford Oud Wood, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Ralph Lauren Romance.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)

You are the zodiac's world traveler, and this year, you appear to be on the road more than usual. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck (and also your guardian planet), has been in compatible Leo and moving through your long-distance travel sector since July 2014. Jupiter will continue to urge you to pack your suitcase and see a new part of the world between now and Aug. 11, so this Summer should be a joyous one. Travel is the one activity you look forward to most.

Check into travel packages that would allow you to visit an exotic city far from home — make it one you've never seen and always dreamed of visiting. Once Jupiter leaves in August, it will not be back until 2026. Of course, you will travel in those intervening years, but while you have such an extraordinary planet of good fortune in your international travel house, you are under special favor. Fabulous results are likely to come from your present travels, whether done for personal or business reasons. There is the possibility that your kind relative, spouse, client, or boss (who buys the air ticket and pays all expenses) may give you good fortune. Jupiter has a way of not only bringing luck, but also providing the opportunity to take full advantage of it.

You will gain from working with people abroad on projects, without ever needing to leave your base city. Other areas of gain include luck from academia (and all pursuits leading to getting an advanced university degree), publishing and broadcasting projects, and legal actions and the court system. You are a deeply philosophical sign, and you love to ponder the mysteries of life. A spiritual retreat may also appeal to you this Spring or Summer.

You are also under the influence of Saturn, newly touring Sagittarius for the first time since 1985 to 1988. Saturn teaches hard goals — ones that we value the most. Saturn went into Sagittarius at the end of Dec. 2014, so it is likely you have already taken on greater responsibilities. You will get a respite this Summer when Saturn slips back into Scorpio from June 14 to Sept. 17, 2015. During that time, you can think over the decisions you made during the first six months of 2015 and find ways to juggle your new roles and obligations more effectively.

Being that Saturn won't be in Sagittarius during those months further emphasizes a perfect time to travel, especially if you choose to go sometime from mid-June to mid-Aug. That is when Jupiter will be at your side to add zest and vibrancy to your experiences.

In beauty, an effective SPF that you use on top of your moisturizer is important (even if you use moisturizer and foundation that contains sunscreen). You may need to reapply during the day several times, especially if you visit a sunny city like Athens. You will also need to bring travel sizes of your favorite brands, and that may mean getting plastic bottles to scoop creams into (but not serums). You might find those gift-with-purchase samples of your favorite products come in handy now.

It's unlikely you will be having weekly blowouts on the road, so ask your stylist about an easy way to style your hair. If you've always had pin-straight hair, see how soft waves look. Or, make your hair a bit shorter and see if an air-dry cut would look pretty on you. (If you are not traveling but are using one of the other benefits of Jupiter, you would still need an easy-to-manage hairstyle. Case in point: if you are in graduate school and ready to defend your thesis, you won't have time to fuss!)

Sagittarius is an athletic sign that rules the hips. Your natural inner rhythm and sense of timing is often cited as the reason we have more Sagittarius Olympic winners than any other sign. Your fondness for being active tends to give you a great shape, and you tend to typify the natural "American girl" look of jeans and a crisp white shirt. You don't like a heavily made-up look — your terrain is the great outdoors, and you want to look fresh and clean.

In keeping with your casual, natural style, you may want to investigate the new no-makeup foundations. (Dr. Perricone's No Foundation Foundation, Laura Geller's Baked Liquid Radiance, Lancôme's Miracle Cushion Liquid Compact, and Orlane's Teint Absolu Treatment Foundation). You may want to use a self-tanner to get a bit of glow before you travel, too. If you are new to self-tanners, try tanning your legs first, and you will be hooked. (Try Jergens Natural Glow, Dior Bronze, and self-tanners by L'Oréal, St. Tropez, and Clarins).

Your colors are a rich purple and royal blue: the colors of the midnight sky toward which the archer aims his arrow. You are a fire sign, so the spice-market colors are made for you, too, and those include deep coral-red, ginger, saffron, paprika, cinnamon, curry, citron, chili, toasted almond, and sesame. When you don't feel like wearing jeans, the bohemian look is also likely "you." A vivid coral lipstick would be beautiful on you; that color would stand up to your strong colors and strong personality.

Your flowers are carnation, wild pink, dandelion, Sweet William, and heather. Your birthstone is the warm topaz. Your birth sign is also associated with turquoise stones, which are also lucky for you.
Your fragrance is warm, deeply sensual, and woodsy citrusy fresh florals.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)

Capricorn, you certainly have a lot going on with your career and with your home this season! The eclipses, which came by last year on April 15 and Oct. 8, are calling for many life adjustments. This year they will arrive on April 4 with another due Oct. 12. Fortunately, Jupiter, bearer of good fortune, is in a financial house, suggesting you will get all the money you need to move, change your decor, and upgrade your wardrobe for your new role in your career. You name it, and the money seems to appear.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and you take change in stride. Your sign is known as the historical sign. You are one to value things of the past, whether that be landmark architecture, estate jewelry, old quilts, rare stamps, or autographs. Capricorn is the sign that loves to preserve and save.

When it comes to beauty, it might be fun to try a 1940s evening look for your hair. Bring a photo of your favorite actress (Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake, Hedy Lamarr, Katharine Hepburn) to copy those sultry waves that you'll wear with a romantic evening dress, such as the ones designed by Zac Posen. Even if you don't feel ready to try a 1940s look, you can still do a classic look with a modern twist. Go to a good salon and get advice on options.

As a Capricorn, you put a great deal of energy into your career, but you tend to have less time to spend on keeping up with fashion and beauty changes that would modernize your look. Capricorns usually work in financial fields, managing large sums. You are quite talented in that area and trustworthy, too. However, be careful — you can go too far into classic and look a little dowdy.

The answer is to have an updated makeup and hair look for each season, and to choose a chic designer accessory. You might try the new soft and slightly tousled look to your hair, to look more modern and less TV anchor-girl of 1999.

Saturn rules your sign, and that planet governs teeth and bones. Consider having your teeth whitened, perhaps by your dentist to ensure a dazzling result. Of course, there is an array of teeth-whitening products on the market that you can pick up at the drugstore too.

Your fashion colors are the ones that run the wide range of neutrals, including coffee, beige, butterscotch, pure cream, oatmeal, mushroom, chocolate, taupe, charcoal, camel, and black — all colors of the landscape in Winter. You may want to enliven your look with a vibrant Hermès scarf or colorful designer handbag.

Your flowers are hibiscus, jasmine, pansy, and amaranthus. Your gem is the garnet and also the sparkling white sapphire. Your scents include sandalwood, warm floral, and old French designer legacy scents like Chanel, Lancôme, Bal a Versailles, or Shalimar.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)

Aquarius is the sign of the future and all innovations. You are always ahead of the curve, so others often don't understand your concepts until much later when you will be proven right by the market. You are known to be intellectual, individualistic, idiosyncratic, and different in every way. Tell an Aquarius to do things "because we have always done it this way," and your sign will do just the opposite. You feel rules are to be questioned and often broken to conform to changes in society and in the world.

Science and high technology fascinate you in any form. You are very interested in making a difference to society and may volunteer for a charity or humanitarian concern.

This Summer, you have the most favorable outlook for marriage of any sign. Jupiter, the great good fortunate planet, is in Leo and has been brightening your seventh house of marriage and all contractual collaborations, including those formed for business. This lovely influence has been in place since July 2014, so you have become engaged or married since then, or will this year, prior to the time Jupiter will leave Leo, Aug. 11.

If you are dating seriously or have been attached a very long time, you will still want to look your best so that you can have your partner fall in love with you all over again. Celebrate your love for each other by planning a special night out that you can both look forward to this Spring and Summer. Friday night, July 30 brings the full moon in Aquarius, so that evening and the ensuing weekend would get my nomination.

You are the sign of the future, and chances are, as said, you love high technology. You may want to go over to investigate new beauty electrical gadgets proven to enhance appearance. The Consumer Electronics Show reports on all types of new electronic and digital gadgets, including ones for beauty and health, and one is sure to interest you, so keep up with reports when the CES show debuts every January.

There are many options; you may want a face steamer (Dr. Dennis Gross) or a Clarisonic. Or, you may be attracted to a gadget for microdermabrasion, pore minimizers, and breakthroughs in flat and curling irons. For fitness, there are a wide number of watches that can keep track of your progress, including the new Apple Watch.

Some of the gadgets are quite clever. You can also get a Kolibree toothbrush that informs you if you've brushed for long enough or a sleep machine by Withings Aura to help you sleep sounder. Philips makes an alarm clock that awakes you with the colors of sunrise instead of a buzzer. This one wakes you gradually — it is called the Wake Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation, and it will wake you 20 to 40 minutes prior to the time you set your alarm. These high-tech products are "you."

Aquarius rules the ankles, so you must be having fun with the latest shoes with ankle straps. Fashion is currently focused on that part of the body, so you have plenty of choices, both in terms of heels and sandals.

Finally, Aquarius is the sign most interested in all efforts to protect the planet, so look into the new eco-friendly beauty products and makeup brushes. Green products have moved far from not-so-fashionable looks to glamorous as demand for these products has gone mainstream. When it comes to skin care, look for all-natural ingredients.

Flowers that are associated with the individualistic Aquarius are wild orchids and birth of paradise, wisteria, hydrangea, tulip sweet alyssum, daffodil, anemones, and the hyacinth. Your gem is the lovely purple amethyst.

Your colors are the electric neon colors or iridescent blues, fuchsia, hot pink, bright turquoise, and charcoal "moon rocks" gray.

Perfume that would be right for Aquarius include orange blossom, fruity scents, sandalwood, and geranium.

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20)

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20)

With Jupiter, the good fortune planet, now in Leo in your sixth house this Spring and Summer, you have the rare opportunity to streamline your eating and exercise habits to bring you to a new level of radiant health. I have found having Jupiter in the sixth house — a once-in-12-year event, is the best place possible to lose weight. The reason is simple, Jupiter will bring you back to basics and help you make wise choices. As you move away from processed foods and reduce the sugar in your diet, your body will begin to crave what you give it — natural fresh fruits and vegetables and weight will slip off easily.

Your sixth house also rules work projects that fill your days, and so business will be brisk. If you are self-employed, this is great news, for money will flow in and clients will beat a path to your door. If you work for others, you will be in line for the most plum projects. This is especially good news, for the eclipses in April and October 2014 and this year on April 2015 may have played havoc with your finances, but your outlook for a strong cash flow in the future is good.

This trend, of better health, and brisk business, which began July 2014, continues until mid-Aug. 2015. Think about the projects you completed since last Summer, and the ones you are involved with now. Something else was happening in your chart that will have direct influence on you, and that was the move of teacher-taskmaster planet Saturn's move into your 10th house of fame and honors. If you interview for a new, high-level position in coming months, all the projects you've done since last Summer will count and be examined as part of your résumé.

This Summer, from June 14 to Sept. 17, when Saturn slips back into Scorpio, a compatible sign for you, you will get a breather from career pressures, and this will allow you time to adjust to new commitments and responsibilities. Once Saturn returns Sept. 17, Saturn will remain in your prestigious house of career success for two more years, uninterrupted. Saturn will make you work very hard toward your career goals until Dec. 2017. By then, if you work with Saturn's demands and learn the ropes in a whole new area of your expertise, you will be proud, for you will be a force to be reckoned with.

In fashion and beauty, all eyes will be on you in increasing numbers, so you might want to schedule an upgrade to your fashion look and fine-tune your makeup selections. Pisces often bonds so closely with their work, and often that is creative enterprises, that you get lost in the project and forget to look after yourself until that project is over. You are a shy sign, but with your stellar planetary alignments, the universe wants you to step on center stage.

This Summer, try one of the new metallic looks for cheeks or eyes. Gone are the days of the garish, young, and messy metallics of the past — new technology has changed all that, and the look is more natural and elegant. Pisces is the fish with sparkling gills, so this look could be ideal for you.

Chanel showed metallic eyeliner on their runway shows in Salzburg, Austria, that blew fashionistas away. Anna Sui showed neutrals like taupe or pearl as an underbase, and then swept a sparkling metallic of the same color over it. For a smoky eye, Armani suggests mixing silver above the crease, and warm bronze on the lid for a spectacular effect.

If you would rather showcase your cheekbones, put sparkle on your brow bone, inner corner of your eyes, cheekbones, and Cupid's bow. Choose the right tone for your skin color, a finely milled power like Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze and Glow.

Did you know that the Far East is ruled by Pisces? Look into the new breakthrough beauty products coming out of Korea. In fact, so much innovation is coming out of this small country that American brands have taken notice. Here are two examples of Korean unique products. First, there is the Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack, a supermoisturizing sleep pack. You place the lightweight gel on your cleansed face at night. It will absorb completely while you sleep, and in the morning you awake refreshed and glowing. Or try the A'pieu Lifting V-Line Patch; this one has the sole purpose of tightening the jawline.

From Japan we get the wisdom of double-cleansing, first with a cleansing oil and then a washing with a foaming product. The problem with doing only a single wash is it may not get all the makeup, general debris, and environmental pollution off. Double-cleansing has the goal to get very clean skin without rubbing or drying out the skin. With the cleansing oil, start with the sides of your face and end with the T-zone. Then, use a foaming face wash to reverse the process, starting with the T-zone and ending with the sides of the face, for the second step is to take care of oils. If you research "double-cleansing" or "Japanese skin care routine," you will discover the very specific instructions about how to cleanse and wash properly.

Your sign rules the feet, so naturally you love shoes. Start with those, and you'll get in the swing of things. You'll also be enthusiastic about getting new wardrobe outfits that would be fitting for your new status. Indeed, you are the Carrie Bradshaw of the zodiac, so have fun shopping. Keep in mind, however, that you tend to buy shoes that are not comfortable, so you may have pretty ones in your closet, but you keep wearing the few that feel best. Demand comfort!

Your colors are the colors of a Monet painting: lavender to deep violet, aqua and all ranges of blue, sea-green white, bluish pinks, and other water colors.

Your birthstone is the aquamarine, the color of the sea.

Your flowers are white orchids, violets, narcissus, Casablanca lilies, and all white lilies, gardenia, and water lilies.

Your ideal perfume includes all perfumes with a vanilla base, sarsaparilla, light floral scents with notes of lilac or violet, or light orientals. Lavender is very soothing to Pisces' delicate nature and would aid in sleep.