This High School Student's Highlight Was So Bright, Even Zendaya Noticed

Many of us didn't like how we looked in our high school yearbook portraits, but when 17-year-old James Charles wasn't satisfied, he took matters into his own hands. The aspiring makeup artist was frustrated that his original photo failed to show off the makeup he had carefully applied that morning. He decided to ask the photographers if he could retake the photo with his ring light, an item beloved by "Instaglammers" around the world.

His extra effort paid off and his highlight absolutely gleams in the new photos. Shortly after posting an image of his new school photo on Instagram and Twitter, James started to get a lot of attention and has been retweeted and favorited thousands of times. "I DID NOT expect the tweet and Insta pic to blow up this much", James told BuzzFeed News.

The photo impressed so many people that even Zendaya retweeted the stunning picture.

James told BuzzFeed that he was incredibly excited because he loves Zendaya. "She's one of my biggest idols. I love her and she's so beautiful . . . I really wanna do her makeup one day or just hang with her in general; she seems so rad," he said.

We hope that his dream comes true, because James's makeup skills are truly incredible. You can check out more of his fabulous makeup looks on Instagram and scroll down below for some astounding cosmetics creations.