Don't Panic, but Tom Hanks Is Bald Now

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Tom Hanks is sporting a new look these days, but he's not exactly thrilled about it. The actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Dec. 29 where he briefly chatted with the host about the Elvis Presley biopic he's currently filming in Australia. According to the interview, Hanks is set to play Colonel Tom Parker in the movie, and to really get into character, he basically had to sacrifice most of his hair and go bald for his portrayal.

"I am working on Baz Lurhmann's movie about Elvis Presley — Austin Butler is playing Elvis Presley — and here, let me show you the horrible haircut I have to have in order to portray Colonel Tom Parker," he told the host while removing his baseball cap. "Check out this horrible — can you see that? Look at that thing!" Hanks gave viewers at home a very brief look at his, uh, situation, which appears to be a fully shaved crown with gray hair on the sides of his head. He joked, "I just scared the children. I want to apologize for showing that."

We're not sure when Hanks will be done filming or how much longer he'll need to wear the haircut, but at least he's being a good sport about the whole thing. Get a short glimpse at his haircut in the video above.