Are We Blushing or Is It Just Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Spray?

Maybe it's the sweet potato gnocchi or the spinach and kale bites, but shopping at Trader Joe's can be an experience. Throw in some Mandarin orange chicken and a trip to the store during peak hours, and you're guaranteed to break a sweat.

Lucky for us, the affordable grocery experts are taking their talents even further outside of the frozen aisle with the new Rose Water Facial Toner. Joining a whole slew of amazing beauty products already available at Trader Joe's, the hydrating and refreshing scented spray will have you feeling at ease and spritzing away during one of those "holy sh*t, where does the line even end?" shopping trips.

The spray was spotted by TJ's aficionado traderjoes_granola on Instagram, who snagged the new product for $3.99. They added in the comments that "it smells delightful and is refreshing." The fragrance spray is made with rose water, rose flower oil, witch hazel, soapbark, and more. Scroll through the Instagram post to see more about the product, and head to your local store to spritz that sh*t everywhere.