PLL's Troian Bellisario on the No-Makeup Trend: "The Reverse Terrifies Me"

Whether you've watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars or just two minutes, tops, it won't take long to realize Troian Bellisario — aka Spencer Hastings on the show — is insanely cool. Much like her character, she's a power woman, but with a more laid-back sense of style, a passion for film and fitness, and the ability to throw the boho wedding of our dreams. It makes sense that the natural beauty would partner with Burt's Bees, promoting its earth-friendly products and the #BringBackTheBees campaign.

As Troian toured the brand's headquarters, we chatted with her via phone, asking her opinion on minimal makeup and the no-makeup movement. "We live in a world where the reverse of that is more terrifying to me," she said. "It's not that I have to support the no-makeup look, but we're getting to a point where there's so much insane contouring just for people to go out and get coffee so that they can take a picture of themselves on social media. That terrifies me. I don't want to live in a world where that's the expectation to be beautiful."

Read on for more of Troian's thoughts on the natural look, her skincare routine, and why the makeup you see on TV isn't what it seems.

On the Minimal Makeup Look

"I believe that a minimal makeup look should be seen as beautiful, even if it just a different kind of beauty. If you love bold colors and bold lipsticks, that’s awesome if it makes you feel beautiful. But I don’t want to live in a world where that’s the standard. That’s where it crosses the line."

On Being Judged If You Don't Wear a Lot of Makeup

“You feel like someone is going to look at you and say, 'Ah, you didn’t really get it together this morning, did you sweetie?' No! Maybe I’m OK like this!”

On Having to Wear a Lot of Makeup on Set

"There are HD cameras, so you have to wear a lot of makeup. Spencer was generally supposed to look like she wasn’t wearing a lot, as opposed to a Hanna or Aria — they had a bolder style. But in order to achieve that on TV, you have to wear quite a bit of makeup. To the point where if I take a picture of myself on social media, people will comment 'I love that you don't wear makeup!' I’m like 'Yo, I’m wearing quite a bit of makeup right now. I worked hard on this one!' It’s interesting that we have such a different idea of what no makeup actually looks like."

On the Importance of Skincare

"Skincare is so important because I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. So I try to keep my skin as clean, moisturized, and well taken care of as possible. I do a lot of masks and try to be good about taking off any makeup I do wear at the end of the night, to make sure I don't clog pores. I really love eye cream."