These Color-Changing Unicorn Brushes For Halloween Are "Graveyard Spooktastic"

If you thought Unicorn Cosmetics's eponymous brushes couldn't shine any brighter, prepare yourself for the next generation of these iridescent tools. The brand has teased its "graveyard spooktastic" color-changing line of brushes, which come in their own coffin-themed bags. And that is important, because this collection will slay you.

As shown in the video, the brush's black handle turns orange upon touch. According to the Instagram's caption, the brand "wanted to create something amazing" on the one-year anniversary of the OG unicorn tool. By the look of the picture's comments, Unicorn Cosmetics has achieved its fantastical goal.

One fan commented, "There is nothing you can do to stop me buying these," and we can appreciate the tenacity. Since the brush hasn't been released just yet, others begged for a small change. "Make the whole brush orange!! But leave that handle," one suggested.

Whatever the result of the end product may be, we have to admit this is a welcome evolution of the color-changing makeup trend we've seen recently. We'll keep you updated on an anticipated release date, but until then, you'll just have to apply makeup like a nonspooky unicorn.