This TikTok of the USA Rugby Team Getting Their Hair Done Takes Me Back to High School

Remember those days in high school and college when the one person in your friend group who was good at doing hair and/or makeup somehow got stuck doing everyone's every time you went out? A rush of memories came flooding back to me just as I typed that, and if this recent TikTok post is any indication, that's very much the USA women's rugby team's reality today.

At the start of their journey at the Olympics, most of the women on the team wore their hair in various cute braided hairstyles while playing, but they revealed in a recent TikTok that, since only one person on the team knows how to braid, that person acted the team's designated hairstylist for the week. "When you only have one braider on your team," the text in the video reads.

The braider in question is player Joanna "Nana" Fa'avesi, who, as the video's caption states, the team "would be lost without." In the video, Fa'avesi is seen happily braiding and styling her teammates' hair in a variety of ways, and it's really taking us back to all the times we got ready with our friends before sweet sixteens, homecoming dances, and prom during high school. We're just hoping that her fingers didn't cramp up too much with all that braiding.