This Vlogger Used a Basic Household Item to Re-create Ariana Grande's Signature Cat Eye

While the internet rightfully swoons over Ariana Grande's latest single, "No Tears Left to Cry," we will be over here dropping tears of joy over how easy this dupe of the pop star's signature cat eye is to imitate. Vlogger Aryanna Epperson, used a couple of strips of masking tape — yep, the kind you probably have tossed in the back of a junk drawer — to paint the sharpest wings. Here's how she did it: after priming, basing, baking, and highlighting, Epperson ripped two strips of plain ol' masking tape, each about three inches long, and pasted them at an angle right under her bottom lash line. She basically created a "V" shape with the tape and the outer corner of her eye so that the wing shape was visible before she even applied color.

Next, Epperson used a mauve shade from the Urban Decay Naked 3 ($54) palette as a base that was brushed over the entire lid. She then dusted a light layer of a dark shadow shade right where the wing would be placed.

Using a liquid eyeliner, Epperson started at just under the tip of the tape and drew a line in and across her lash line. Once the wing line was traced, she filled it in and removed the tape. It's essentially like painter's tape so you get a supersharp line. She finished off the look with falsies, mascara, and a nude lip.

Voila! We'll definitely all have no more tears left to cry after nailing this hack. Good thing — wouldn't want to mess us our perfect new set of wings.