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Wavy Nail Art Trend

A Pro Explains Why "Wavy" Nail Art Will Be Fall’s Biggest (and Easiest to DIY) Trend

Wavy Nail Art Trend

You've seen it on your Instagram feed before: nails with abstract, curvy lines that transform your manicure's nail art into nail masterpieces. Chief creative officer of Paintbox Nails Eleanor Langston dubs the look "wavy nails" and predicts that it will be even more popular this Fall.

"The organic swerves add interest to your fingertips and elongate your hands," she previously told POPSUGAR. Though it looks difficult to do yourself, Langston says the design is actually so easy to create. "It's basically goof-proof because the waves should just flow," she said. "Every wave doesn't have to be the exact same, so just start at the upper left-hand corner of your nail and sweep the brush down, curving as you go."

Pick up a brush and check out the prettiest examples of wavy nail art, ahead.

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