A State-by-State Guide to Waxing Salons Reopening Amid the Coronavirus

Update: The coronavirus situation across the U.S. varies drastically depending on where you are. While some states have completely reopened, others have paused or closed down again to control a new spike in cases. This makes keeping up with business reopening a little tricky. The list below has been updated to reflect the current status of waxing salons in all 50 states.

Original post: As more states around the country make a decision on whether or not to reopen or keep their stay-at-home orders in place a little longer due to the coronavirus, we're all wondering what that means for places like hair salons, nail salons, and waxing salons.

Seeing as people have been unable to access their professional services for months, many have taken up at-home alternatives to get by in the meantime, but some are desperately waiting to get back to an expert. As states with fewer cases re-evaluate and take steps to get back to a normal way of life, we can only assume that many of the nonessential businesses that were ordered to close back in March will start welcoming customers again — but when is the big question.

As of right now, waxing salons — similarly to hair salons — will stay closed until early to mid-May, but it largely depends on each individual state and the business itself. If you're wondering when waxing salons in your area will reopen, we've listed out the current orders for each state below.


Stay-at-home orders in Alabama expired on April 30. "Close-contact" businesses like waxing salons have been allowed to reopen with additional sanitation and social-distancing restrictions.


Alaska became one of the first states in the nation to ease its restrictions on select nonessential businesses on April 24. This includes waxing salons, but it's important to note that strict social-distancing requirements are in place.


Arizona's stay-at-home order expired on May 15. On May 13, waxing salons were allowed to reopen with strict physical distancing orders.


Arkansas was never under a stay-at-home order, but several social-distancing restrictions are in place. Limited reopenings for select businesses like waxing salons began on May 6.


California began reopening personal service businesses like waxing salons in phases, but after COVID-19 cases spiked in certain parts of the state, they were required to close again in select counties. For a full list of counties where waxing salons are closed, visit COVID.19.CA.Gov.


Colorado's stay-home order expired on April 26, allowing businesses to reopen in phases. Waxing salons started reopening in phase one with strict restrictions.


In Connecticut, personal care services have been allowed to resume and waxing salons have reopened with restrictions.


Nonessential businesses in Delaware began reopening at the beginning of June. This includes waxing salons.


Floria's stay-at-home order expired on April 30, allowing waxing salons to reopen shortly after.


Georgia was under a statewide shelter-in-place order, but it expired on April 30. This allowed waxing salons to reopen and resume business.


Hawaii reopened waxing salons in select counties at the beginning of June.


Idaho paused its reopening plan as of mid-July. While hair salons are open, it's unclear if waxing salons are, too.


Illinois reopened in phases starting in June. Waxing salons have resumed business.


Indiana's stay-at-home order expired on May 1 and the state is reopening in stages. Personal services have resumed business by appointment only.


Like Arkansas, Iowa never had a statewide stay-at-home order. As of May 15, waxing salons have been allowed to reopen at a lower capacity.


The stay-at-home order in Kansas expired on May 3. Personal care buisensses have been allowed to reopen — this includes waxing salons.


An indefinite "healthy at home" order has been in effect in Kentucky and waxing salons have resumed business.


While Louisiana has paused its reopening plan in phase two, waxing salons have been permitted to open.


Maine's stay-at-home order expired on May 31, allowing waxing salons to reopen.


Maryland's stay-at-home order ended on May 15, allowing select beauty services like waxing salons to reopen.

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The stay-at-home order in Massachusetts expired on May 18, and waxing salons have since reopened.


Personal care businesses began reopening in Michigan in early June. Waxing salons have been allowed to reopen.


Minnesota's stay-at-home order expired in May and salons have reopened with restrictions.


Mississippi's shelter-in-place order expired on May 11. This allowed waxing salons to reopen but as more cases pop up, certain counties may be required to close.


Gradual reopenings started in Missouri on May 4. This includes waxing salons, although strict restrictions are in place.


Montana's stay-at-home order expired April 26 and like other states, it plans to reopen businesses in phases. As of May 4, waxing salons could reopen as long as social distancing was observed.


Nebraska never had a stay-at-home order in effect and as of May 4, waxing salons were allowed to reopen with a limited capacity of 10 people, as long as face masks are worn.


Nevada let its stay-at-home order expire on May 9. Waxing salons have since been allowed to reopen.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire modified its stay-at-home order, allowing waxing salons to reopen as long as face masks are worn.

New Jersey

New Jersey started reopening in June, but has since paused to contain any further spread of COVID-19. Waxing salons are still allowed to operate with restrictions in place.

New Mexico

Three northwestern counties in New Mexico with a high number of cases were shut down, but waxing salons in most parts of the state have been allowed to open.

New York

Aside from New York City (which is in a modified third stage), most of New York state has entered the fourth stage of reopening which means waxing salons are back in operation.

North Carolina

North Carolina's stay-at-home order expired on May 22, allowing salons to reopen. It's unclear if this includes waxing salons, too.

North Dakota

Although North Dakota didn't have a statewide stay-at-home order, many businesses did close due to restrictions. Those restrictions have since been listed as of May 1 and waxing salons have reopened.


Ohio's stay-at-home order will expire May 29, but as of May 15, waxing salons have reopen under strict rules.


A formal stay-at-home order was never issued in Oklahoma. As of April 24, waxing salons were allowed to open with restrictions.


Oregon entered a three-phase regional reopening on May 15. While hair salons have reopened, waxing salons are still closed.


As of July 3, all of Pennsylvania was in the last phase of reopening. This allows waxing salons to reopen.

Rhode Island

Starting in June, Rhode Island allowed hair and waxing salons to reopen.

South Carolina

Personal care businesses in South Carolina have reopened, including waxing salons.

South Dakota

No stay-at-home order was ever issued in South Dakota, but businesses are required to follow CDC guidelines for operating.


Tennessee's stay-at-home order expired April 30 and is slowly reopening nonessential businesses. Each county is to follow its own individualized plan.


The stay-at-home order in Texas expired April 30 and certain businesses, including waxing salons, reopened May 8.


Utah did not have a statewide stay-at-home order, but waxing salons did have to temporarily close doors before being allowed to reopen on May 1.


Vermont's stay-at-home order expired on May 15, allowing waxing salons to reopen.


Virginia's stay-at-home order expired June 10 and waxing salons have opened their doors again.


Businesses in Washington, like waxing salons, started reopening in May.

West Virginia

West Virginia's stay-at-home order expired on May 3 and waxing salons have reopened.


Wisconsin's stay-at-home order lifted on May 13, but it's unclear if waxing salons have been permitted to reopen.


Wyoming is another state without a formal, statewide stay-at-home order, meaning waxing salons were allowed to reopen starting May 1.

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