Twitter's #DMXChallenge Is Basically a Reminder of All the Hairstyles I Need to Try Out

If there's anything that social media is good for, it's creating a fun viral challenge, and the latest one that the internet has gotten its hands on is making me want to book a hair appointment right this second. The challenge in question is called the #DMXChallenge — yes, that DMX — and it's just proof that black women are masters at switching up their hair and pulling off every length, color, texture, and style under the sun.

Set to DMX's song "What These B*tches Want," during which he calls out the names of 46 different women in a row in the second verse, the challenge sees users sharing videos of themselves sporting a multitude of hairstyles synced to the rapper's roll call. It's honestly a delight to watch so many women pull off so many different looks, and it's hard to not get sucked into an unproductive rabbit hole when looking into the hashtag.

It's worth noting that "What These B*tches Want" is a raunchy number, to say the least. The song itself is demeaning to women, and the specific lyrics that these videos are set to essentially detail the rapper's sexual conquests. With that said, those who are participating in the challenge are spinning the narrative from negative to empowering, using it as a way to highlight the beauty of black women who frequently switch hairstyles.

Read ahead to see a few stunning videos from the #DMXChallenge, and prepare to be awed.