This Genius Video Game Is For Every Black Women Who's Tired of People Touching Her Hair

It's never OK to touch a black woman's hair without her permission. Unfortunately, that simple concept is still hard for many people to understand. That's why one Oregon-based woman has developed a video game to drive home the point, and the result is absolutely genius. Go ahead and get ready to cancel all of your plans today, because after playing Hair Nah, you're going to be addicted to this hilariously executed — and important — website.

Momo Pixel created, designed, and wrote the music for Hair Nah, which looks a lot like an '80s arcade game. Pixel is an art director for the Portland ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. Serita Wesley is a publishing producer for the same company and interviewed Pixel for the W+K-affiliated website On She Goes. According to Pixel, Hair Nah was born out of a common problem.

"I'll be walking, and a woman will reach her hands into my head," Pixel said. "I'm talking to a teammate, and a co-worker I just met is holding my hair in his hand. I'm in the checkout line, and the cashier will reach across to caress my braids." Yeah . . . not cool, people.

If you, too, constantly have to fend off would-be strand-caressers, then you will absolutely cheer while playing Hair Nah. Here's how it works.

Some important backstory: the character you play as is Aeva, a jet-setter who "loves to travel" but doesn't enjoy her copassengers reaching out to touch her hair. Our job is to get Aeva to her flight with as minimal interference as possible.

First, you can choose Aeva's hairstyle and skin tone.

Second, click on her destination — we chose Osaka, Tokyo.

Then, get ready to swat! As women's voices coo un-sweet nothings like "So fluffy!!" and "Is it attached to your head?" you can use the arrow keys to slap away prying hands.

So, a little bit louder for those folks in the back who still might not understand: keep your hands off strangers' strands!