Multimasking Is the Most Efficient Way to Give Yourself a Facial

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We're going to let you in on a beauty editor secret — one mask is never enough. You have to layer your products for the best results. So, of course, we're 100 percent behind the new Instagram skin care craze: multimasking.

Multimaskers recommend using several different treatments at the same time to get a customized skin remedy (which is exactly what an esthetician does during your facial). Always getting breakouts around your nose? Apply charcoal or clay in that area. Got dry cheeks? Use a hydrating cream in that particular patch. Have major under-eye bags after a night out? Throw on an eye-specific sheet mask. Creating your own concoction makes it easy to treat combination skin or spot-specific flare ups. Plus, now you have a valid excuse to keep three or more masks in your skin care rotation.

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Normal or Antiaging Skin
Instagram | fashion_reform_krg

Normal or Antiaging Skin

Type of mask: Brightening

Where to put it: Cheeks or chin

What it does: Women with normal skin have more options when it comes to masks. You can use clay-based formulas for a tightening effect. Then on the areas of your face where antiaging is a concern, look for masks with exfoliating acids and brightening vitamins.

Dry Patches
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Dry Patches

Type of mask: Moisturizing

Where to put it: Forehead or cheeks

What it does: When your skin is thirsty, swipe on an oil-based mask. These thick creams hydrate skin without clogging pores. You can even just wipe off the excess with a towel instead of rinsing.

Acne-Prone Areas
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Acne-Prone Areas

Type of mask: Detoxifying

Where to put it: Forehead, nose, or chin

What it does: Wherever you tend to get breakouts, you can apply a thick layer of charcoal mask. These formulas work to clear pores of dirt and impurities, preventing your next pimple.

Sensitive Spots
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Sensitive Spots

Type of mask: Soothing

Where to put it: Under eyes

What it does: A sheet mask will help minimize dark circles and puffiness under eyes. Store these patches in the fridge for an extra level of cooling.