Everything You Need to Know About the $8 Moisturizer That "Cures" Psoriasis and Eczema

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If you're struggling with eczema or psoriasis, you've mostly likely tried everything. But there's a $8 solution that's going viral because it allegedly cures skin conditions in both adults and children. Incredible before and after pictures have swept the internet, and it's all credited to one product: Child's Farm Baby Moisturizer ($8).

Laura Grey posted on Facebook that the cream cured the psoriasis on her arms, neck, and chest that only hydrocortisone cream could get rid of in the past. She claimed that after 24 hours, her psoriasis had significantly cleared. Parents have also seen huge success in reducing their childrens' eczema and psoriasis. Joanne Nevin said on Facebook the cream cleared up her 6-month-old daughter's eczema. She combined the moisturizer with the bubble bath ($11).

So what makes it so effective? Child's Farm uses ingredients delicate enough for the most sensitive skin conditions, with products ranging from moisturizers to sunscreen and even hair detanglers. The brand notes that its products do not contain medicinal properties aimed to cure conditions but rather aims to moisturize sensitive skin using naturally-derived ingredients. The moisturizer specifically contains a mixture of hydrating butters (like shea and cocoa) plus a mixture of botanical extracts.

Although this cream has been a huge success story for many people, everyone's skin is different, and what works for someone else may not do the same for you. Psoriasis, in particular, is a chronic condition that is thought to be related to the immune system, and there is no miracle cure. However, the right products can significantly reduce symptoms, and it does sound like this cream has been successful for many sufferers. For $8, if you're struggling with a skin condition, it wouldn't hurt to try.