16 Reasons Beauty Girls Are Obsessed With Fall

Getty | Ray Tamarra

Summer is superb, Spring is beautiful, and Winter is festive, but beauty girls know better than anyone that Fall is straight up magical. When the leaves begin to change, most people start gearing up for horror movies and Halloween, but makeup addicts head straight for Sephora. From vampy lip colors to comforting candles, reasons the beauty-obsessed count Fall as their favorite season abound!

So grab a pumpkin spice latte and check out our list of reasons Autumn is the best season for beauty — after reading, you won't be able to deny your excitement for the next few months.


Fall is the perfect time to try out a richer hair color.


You can wear your favorite musky, vanilla perfumes again.


Thanks to knee-high socks and sweaters, you can say goodbye to shaving for the next few months.


You can burn cozy candles 24/7 without anyone thinking you're crazy.


While other people rake up their fallen leaves, you can incorporate them into cool hairstyles.


You can rock intense, vampy colors during the daytime (without getting mistaken for Marilyn Manson).


Nearly black nail polish becomes your go-to hue for the season.


You can practice extreme makeup looks under the guise of Halloween practice.


Carving pumpkins means trying new beauty DIYs with the leftovers.

Pumpkin face mask and body scrub, anyone?


Swapping out sandals for boots means that your pedicures will last longer.

NYFW provides tons of inspiration for new hair and makeup looks.
Angela Pham/BFAnyc.com

NYFW provides tons of inspiration for new hair and makeup looks.


It's finally chilly enough to wear hats, so your hair is extra protected.


Need we say it? Black Friday sales!!!


And yeah, OK . . . pumpkin spice lattes are pretty awesome. (Plus they make a good excuse for well-manicured Instagram snaps!)