After a Drastic 7-Hour Hair Makeover, 1 Woman Finally Feels "Beautiful in Her Own Skin"

With her wedding on the horizon, a woman named Holly from Destin, FL, was ready to totally overhaul her entire look. So she visited hairstylist Sara Pestella at Avant Garde Salon in her hometown for what would be the most drastic hair transformation we've seen in a while. Seriously, if Extreme Makeover: Hair Edition were an actual show, Holly would totally be the first to star on it.

The Florida resident had wavy two-toned hair that extended down to her hips, almost like Rapunzel, but with brunette roots. Pestella told Modern Salon the reason Holly allowed her hair to grow so long, and it's actually a bit heartbreaking. "She always felt like she needed to keep her hair long because of what her dad said: that a woman must have long hair or she wouldn't be pretty," she explained.

But alas, she chopped nearly two feet of her mane off in a hair makeover that took about seven hours, Allure reports. Not only were her locks chopped, but they were also given some gorgeous color: a golden-blond dye job that added an eye-catching Summer-ready vibe to her look. Thanks to this epic change, "Holly feels beautiful in her own skin," Pestella told Modern Salon.

Click through the pictures below for more snapshots of her double-take-worthy hair makeover in progress.