Zoey Deutch's Simple Tricks to Reduce Acne Are About to Make My Skin So Happy

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Someone please tell me where I can send Zoey Deutch a fruit basket to thank her for sharing her superhelpful tips for taking care of acne-prone skin. In a recent Vogue makeup tutorial, Deutch dropped her favorite skincare products and revealed the beauty routine she follows to ensure that her sensitive skin is well taken care of. "I've had hormonal acne since I was, like, I want to say 15, but it got really bad in my 20s," Deutch says in the video. "It shouldn't make me that self-conscious but I can't make eye contact. I don't want to go out . . . when you're going through it, it is debilitating. You have to figure out what works for you."

In the video, Deutch goes on to share a few of her favorite products that keep her skin feeling health and soft. "Moisturizers, I think for me, are the thing that trigger my cystic hormonal acne the most," she says before recommending La Mer's Moisturizing Soft Cream ($335). Deutch also uses Georgia Louise's Freeze Tools ($125), the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex ($44), and Foreo Luna's Play Plus Facial Scrubber ($49) to cleanse her skin before putting on the rest of her makeup.

Above all, Deutch does have one important (and superaffordable!) product that she recommends if you're looking to give your lips a little extra love while you're taking care of your skin. "I cannot live without this. I am obsessed with it," she says, and recommends using Neosporin's Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy Balm ($7). Watch the full video here to find out what other tips Deutch has for taking care of her skin and to see what beauty products help her to pull off that glow.