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For a Happy Work Life, Move to 1 of These States

Do you wake up every morning feeling energized and excited for your workday without even having a sip of coffee? Or do you have to drag yourself out of bed after snoozing two alarms, only motivated by your countdown to Friday? It turns out, a big factor in determining where you fall along that spectrum is where you live.

After compiling data from more than 250,000 US workers, Sokanu, a career matching platform, discovered which states have the happiest and unhappiest employees. Coming in at the top of the list for most satisfied workers is — drumroll, please — Hawaii. Apparently being surrounded by sunshine and saltwater 24/7 is cause for happiness, which probably surprises nobody. The No. 2 and 3 spots, however, go to West Virginia and Maine, respectively.

Find out if you're living in a state of happiness below:

Top 5 States With the Most Satisfied Workers

1. Hawaii
2. West Virginia
3. Maine
4. Nevada
5. Kansas

Bottom 5 States With the Least Satisfied Workers

46. New Mexico
47. Pennsylvania
48. Washington
49. Rhode Island
50. Vermont

The 5 Most Satisfying Jobs

1. Film director
2. Athlete
3. DJ
4. Choreographer
5. Video game designer

The 5 Least Satisfying Jobs

1. Debt collector
2. Postal service clerk
3. Janitor
4. Lab technician
5. Telemarketer

Check out the infographic below for a visual representation of the findings.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Barnes
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