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Anderson Cooper Pranked on "The RidicuList" | Video

Anderson Cooper Had No Clue His Co-Workers Were Pranking Him

During Anderson Cooper's "The RidicuList" segment on Monday, the host explained that he'd be covering co-worker crimes — only to realize the segment was actually about him. He's shocked when footage of his office comes up on screen, and he starts laughing as he realizes that the "crime" he's talking about is actually the basil-scented candle he keeps on his desk, which his co-workers apparently don't appreciate. Although Anderson doesn't crack up quite as hard as he did when he got the giggles while saying "vagina," he does burst out laughing. Throughout the segment, the jokes keep coming, but Anderson manages to hold his own, saying, "Until this program is Anti-Candle 360, I will do whatever I want to try to create a serene freakin' office environment for my co-workers and myself to enjoy." Watch the hilarious clip above, and then check out more viral videos!

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