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Channing Tatum Pattern Astrology App Instagram Video

The Accuracy of This Astrology App Has Channing Tatum Shooketh to the Core

Channing Tatum is raising his eyebrow at an astrology app called The Pattern. On Friday, the 39-year-old actor posted a video of himself ranting about the service — which provides daily readings and updates about a user's personality and feelings. Apparently, one of Channing's recent readings was a little too spot-on, sending him into a frenzy. "OK, I need some answers," he said. "What is this Pattern sh*t? . . . How do you know what you know about me, Pattern?"

Channing seemed especially freaked out after the app sent him an update that sounded very familiar. "I was just in therapy yesterday — and, yeah, I'm in therapy, whatever, everybody should be in therapy — and I just get a notification on my phone this morning, pops up, and, using the exact words that we were using in therapy. Is the phone listening? Are you listening through the phone? Are you listening through my phone and then just regurgitating the stuff that I'm afraid of?" He then told Pattern employees to contact him so he could learn how the app is so accurate.

The Pattern eventually caught wind of the clip, perhaps because Channing's post might have caused the app's servers to malfunction. "Thanks for letting us know you planned on crashing our servers today," The Pattern's official Instagram commented under Channing's video. "We'll be sliding into your dms shortly." Hopefully, Channing got the answers he was looking for because he seemed legitimately scared.

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