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DJ Khaled Lyft Driver Video

DJ Khaled Attempts to Go Undercover as a Lyft Driver, Fools No One

DJ Khaled took some time off of blowing up Snapchat and doling out quotable chunks of wisdom to go undercover as a locksmith and Lyft driver named Billi. Although Demi Lovato did the same and wasn't recognized at all, nearly everyone who got into Khaled's car immediately gasped and couldn't help but gush about their love for him (which, to be honest, same). "This is what happens when you're too iconic," the expectant father told one stunned passenger. "Icon alert!" Luckily, a few passengers didn't know who he was, so he dropped a few hints about his identity. Between mentioning the word "keys" over and over again to offering up quips about traffic ("I hate red lights, they want to slow us down, they want to stop us"), we want DJ Khaled to be our Lyft driver from now on.

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