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Dwayne Johnson Eyebrow Raise GIFs and Pictures

16 Eyebrow-Raising Photos of Dwayne Johnson's Signature Pose

Dwayne Johnson Eyebrow Raise GIFs and Pictures
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Winter

It seems like every celebrity has a signature pose, but Dwayne Johnson's is definitely unique. The 47-year-old does an eyebrow raise, which he appropriately named "The People's Eyebrow" back in his WWE wrestling days. Even though The Rock is no longer a wrestler, he's managed to carry over the pose into his acting career. Whether he's on the red carpet, at an award show, or even in a film (ahem, Hobbs and Shaw), Dwayne almost never misses the opportunity to show off his amazing brows. Can you blame him, though? Hopefully he'll hit us with the eyebrow raise for old time's sake when he returns for the debut of WWE's SmackDown Live on Friday!

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