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Emilia Clarke on The Graham Norton Show June 2015 | Video

You Won't Believe What Emilia Clarke Said About Her Game of Thrones Sex Scene

Yep, Daenerys Targaryen totally went there. When actress Emilia Clarke appeared on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, she opened up about her experience with Game of Thrones, telling a particularly hilarious story about actor Jason Momoa, who played her late husband, Khal Drogo.

During the interview, Emilia revealed that for the pair's uncomfortable rape scene, Jason decided to lighten the mood by skipping the standard modesty stock in favor of a pink, fluffy one. She said there was "lots of laughter" between them, blushing big time as she blurted out, "It's huge and it's pink and I don't know what to do!" As Emilia covered her face, embarrassed, fellow guest Jake Gyllenhaal scooted away, making her laugh even harder. Watch the hilarious clip above, then see why Daenerys is the fiercest badass in the Seven Kingdoms and check out Emilia Clarke's hot bikini body.

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