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Harry Styles Facts

26 Harry Styles Facts That Only the Diehard Fans Know

Harry Styles's debut album, Harry Styles, has only been out for a few short weeks, but his new sound and mature image are catapulting him into the limelight that One Direction fans always knew he deserved. While I've been circling this adorable Brit for more than five years now, I recognize that many, many others haven't and may now know some of the fun quirks and tidbits that make him so endearing to the fans. To help you get to know the "Sign of the Times" singer a little better, I pulled together 26 of the most interesting facts I could come up with about him. Keep reading to see them all, and welcome to the fan club!

  1. Before One Direction, he was in a band with his friends called White Eskimo.
  2. He worked in a bakery while still in school and will tell everyone about it. He's very proud of that job.
  3. He's written songs for other artists, including Ariana Grande and Alex and Sierra.
  4. He loves to buy pizza for people. A few years ago, Harry's good friend Ed Sheeran said in a radio station interview that Harry once spent a day handing out pizza to homeless people in LA.
  5. A large part of Harry Styles by Harry Styles was written in Jamaica.
  6. He has four nipples.

  1. He admitted he doesn't like girls who spit. Do with that what you will.
  2. Harry is close friends with British radio host Nick Grimshaw and often appears on his show or calls in. They spend a good amount of free time together, and once someone mistook Nick for Harry's dad, which Harry found funny, but Nick . . . not so much.
  3. Harry is very vocal about promoting love and kindness and equality. He can be found prancing around his concert stages waving rainbow flags or sitting down on television appearances talking about how equality is a fundamental right.
  4. He has a scar on his chin that he supposedly got while on a skiing holiday with Taylor Swift in 2012. Remember that line in "Out of the Woods" about "Twenty stitches in a hospital room"? Same.
  5. He's a huge fan of puns, knock-knock jokes, and generally horrible jokes.
  6. After debuting his solo album, Harry had concerts in London and Los Angeles, where he donated all of the ticket sales to charity.
  7. He has a lot of ridiculous tattoos, including a naked mermaid, the Green Bay Packers logo, and "BIG" on his big toe.
  8. His manager is Jeff Azoff, whose dad, Irving Azoff, is considered one of, if not the, most powerful man in music.
  9. Harry has been good friends with James Corden for many years. Other good friends include Kendall Jenner, Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford, and Alexa Chung.
  10. When Harry first signed up for Instagram, his real name was taken so his username was GiveMeMyNamePlease.
  11. He loves photography and used to post his photos on his Instagram.
  12. He said in an interview that he runs his own social media, and while the fans all scoffed, his lack of activity on Twitter and Instagram lead me to believe this is true.
  13. He's very close with his older sister, Gemma, who toured with One Direction off and on, and his mom, Anne, dad, Des, and his late stepdad, Robin.
  14. He loves Scrabble.
  1. He kept the same hairstylist, Lou Teasdale, from his One Direction days for his career as a solo artist. The two are also good friends, and Lou's daughter, Lux, may or may not refer to him as Uncle Knobhead.
  2. He owns homes in London, New York, and LA, but he always admits that London feels the most like home, which makes sense considering he was born and raised in England.
  3. One of his favorite people ever is Stevie Nicks, and not only did he bake her a carrot cake for her birthday a few years back but last year he brought her on stage at his first LA concert to sing with him. They sang Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," and Harry was so overwhelmed with emotion that he had a bit of a teary moment at the end. Most recently, he shared the stage with her again in 2018, along with the rest of Fleetwood Mac, to honor the band at the Musicares Person of the Year event.
  4. Another good friend is Late Late Show With James Corden executive producer Ben Winston, with whom Harry lived for several months in the early days of One Direction while his house was being renovated.
  5. When he cut off his hair in 2016, he donated it to charity.
  6. Harry has a flair for fashion. These days he rocks a lot of Gucci pieces, but he also reaches for women's jeans from time to time.
Image Source: CBS
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