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Jake Gyllenhaal James Corden Whitney Houston Parody Video

Please Enjoy Jake Gyllenhaal and James Corden Passionately Parodying a Whitney Houston Song

Jake Gyllenhaal made a special appearance on Tuesday night's episode of The Late Late Show to bless us with quite possibly the most entertaining duet in late-night history. The Spider-Man: Far From Home actor teamed up with host James Corden to perform a parody of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," remixing the lyrics to focus on their mutual admiration for one another. Iconic doesn't even begin to sum it up.

James kicked off the surprise skit by soulfully singing, "I believe that Gyllenhaal's the future — a movie star that also does Broadway. Really wish that Jake was here with us tonight." Soon enough, Jake himself emerged from behind a fog-covered curtain on the balcony above, belting out, "Every night I watch The Late Late Show. People need a host to look up to. Really wish I could be on your balcony. One day I hope to see my face on Carpool Karaoke."

When the two met up on stage, they were joined by ribbon twirlers for dramatic effect while showing off their surprisingly impressive singing chops. Watch James and Jake's entire performance above to witness the musical duo we never knew we needed in action.

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