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Jamie Foxx on The Ellen DeGeneres Show January 2017

Watch Jamie Foxx Prove He Could Be an Amazing Sports Illustrated Model

In addition to being a doting dad, a superstar actor, and a literal lifesaver, Jamie Foxx can also add "Potential Sports Illustrated Model" to his résumé. The Sleepless star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, where he revealed he recently gained quite a bit of weight. "Next thing you know, my belly got wrong," he joked with Ellen, before showing off a photo of his stomach pre weight loss. We personally find him insanely hot at any size, but with the help of his trainer, he's back to his typically trim self. To prove it, he got down on the floor and busted out a few magazine-cover-worthy poses, which no doubt had the audience drooling just a bit. If that didn't do it, his hilariously accurate impression of Denzel Washington as an action movie hero (at the 3:15-minute mark, FYI) definitely did the trick.

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