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Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany Mortdecai Interview

6 Moments That Just Made Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany Our New Favorite Comedy Duo

Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany are old friends at this point, having already worked on films like Transcendence and The Tourist together, but their comic chemistry is finally getting the showcase we only now realized it deserves with Mortdecai. In the film, Johnny stars as Charlie Mortdecai, an English aristocrat and part-time conman, with Paul as his manservant, the brutishly charming (and unfortunately named) Jock Strapp. The two teamed up again for a day of interviews today in London following last night's premiere of the quirky caper — which also happens to star Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Goldblum, and Olivia Munn — and quickly became one of our new favorite comedic duos. Read on for some of the highlights from today's press conference with the pair, and stay tuned to POPSUGAR Now next week to watch our interview with Paul and Johnny.

Paul on Johnny Being Like Family

"My daughter Agnes calls Johnny Uncle Fun . . . and if you're wondering why my children call him Uncle Fun, it's because he has a f***king island."

Paul and Johnny on Training For the Film

"We worked out together every morning. Naked." — Paul
"We did our Jazzercise, with the legwarmers." — Johnny
"And that was it. Legwarmers and nothing else." — Paul

Paul and Johnny on Mortdecai Composer Mark Ronson

"Did you meet Mark Ronson when he was on set?" — Johnny
"No, no, I never got to meet him." — Paul
"I think that's because he didn't want to meet you. He met me." — Johnny

Johnny on Breaking Character on Set

"I'm sure at some point, somebody — probably the producers . . . oh wait, that's me! I was one of the producers — I'm sure that somebody got really annoyed at Paul and I for just losing it. But once you're gone, you're gone."

Paul and Johnny on Paul's Stuntwork

"I think one of the things that led Johnny to ask [director] David Koepp to put me in the movie was, Johnny likes to see me in precarious situations, I've noticed throughout the years." — Paul
"It's just that, I see — in those situations that might be somewhat harrowing — that truth and that real honest reaction. That kills me. So to see him anticipating being lit on fire? Best day of my life." — Johnny

Paul on Creating His Character

"I based my character on Johnny's two security guards, who are here: Jerry and Malcolm, who would literally leap in front of a bullet . . . The loyalest and funniest people, and often doing the same job, which is stopping this idiot from getting into trouble."

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