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Justin Timberlake in No Limes Needed Sauza 901 Commercial

Justin Timberlake Is Literally a Lime in This Hilarious Ad For His Tequila

You probably never thought you'd see Justin Timberlake play a lime, but that's exactly what he is in a new commercial for his tequila brand. In it, the new dad goes green as a washed-up lime who isn't needed anymore. JT also stars in a second video, showing off his comedy chops as he explains why no limes are needed with Sauza 901 — all while playing pool with limes, playing golf with limes, and holding limes in his hands to do bicep curls. The best part? Limes as pen holders. The videos come after an exciting couple of weeks for the singer, who's been laying low since the birth of his first child, Silas. Soon after baby Silas was born, JT introduced him to the world with a supercute picture of Silas and Jessica Biel sporting Memphis Grizzlies gear. Watch the hilarious videos above and below, then check out JT facts every die-hard fan should know.

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