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Katy Perry and Joanne the Scammer Instagram Photo June 2017

Katy Perry Forms an Alliance With Joanne the Scammer to "Sabotage" Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift put all her music back on Spotify at the same time Katy Perry's Witness album dropped on Thursday night, and it looks like Katy Perry has finally responded — well, sort of. While Katy has yet to personally address Taylor's seemingly calculated move, it appears she's formed an alliance with none other than internet sensation Joanne the Scammer. Joanne, whose real name is Branden Miller, shared what initially appeared to be an innocent photo of the two hanging out on Saturday. In a now-edited caption, Joanne originally wrote, "Me and my rich white friend thinking of ways we can sabotage our frenemy Taylor.. Iconic." Joanne has since changed it to say, "Having brunch with one of my lady friends, talking about scamming men while listening to her brand new album witness. Iconic!" We can only imagine what Katy and Joanne, a self-professed "messy b*tch who lives for drama," talked about.

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