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Kids Talking About NYC and LA Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

Let These Hilarious Kids Explain the Difference Between People in NYC and LA

Jimmy Kimmel left LA to tape his late-night show in Brooklyn this week, and he kicked off the East Coast festivities with a hilarious video featuring kids explaining why NYC (or LA) is a better place to live. Jimmy fueled the long-standing East Coast-West Coast rivalry by asking them what they thought of people in either city (New Yorkers are "cranky," "nasty," and "rude," while those in LA are "slow," "mostly into plastic surgery," and concerned about gluten). They even took jabs at the city's baseball teams and local celebrities — and you'll never guess who one little boy called "the dumbest person in LA." Watch the video above now, then see Jimmy's similar stunt with kids talking about gay marriage.

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