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Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna's Butts on Instagram

Speed Read: Kim Kardashian Has a Butt Contest With Her Friend

Source: BuzzFeed
  • Pretty much every school in the Midwest is closed today due to freezing temperatures.
  • One person has died and two others were injured in a plane crash in Aspen, CO, following a failed landing at the airport.
  • Jahi McMath, the 13-year-old girl who was declared brain dead in Oakland, CA, has been released to her parents following a very public court battle.
  • Former Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Liz Cheney has dropped out of the Wyoming Republican Senate primary due to unspecified "serious health issues" in her family.
  • Nicholas Simmons, a 20-year-old from upstate New York, was reunited with his family after they saw a photo of him living on a street in Washington DC on the cover of USA Today.
  • Amy Chua, aka "Tiger Mom," is stirring up controversy yet again in a new book where she lists out nine superior cultural groups that produce more academically and financially successful children.
  • A woman created the most crazypants online dating profile she could and still found that men would eat it up if she used a cute photo.
  • Warning: This Old Spice commercial features moms and is kinda creepy:
  • A science teacher claimed he lost 37 pounds by only eating McDonald's for a whole month. And no, he didn't just order salads and fruit the whole time.
  • Here's one crop circle mystery that was solved: a mysterious circle that popped up outside of San Francisco was actually just a viral ad for a new computer company.
  • Your daily dose of cute: in honor of the cold-as-heck weather, here is a line of Corgis bounding through the snow:
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DeAngela15244240 DeAngela15244240 3 years
Dear Kim, I really hope you can read this..... who cares about your butt. Anything you are willing to pay for, it should be right. so quit taking photos of your fake but. I mean really!!!! One more thing, is that I know you claim to be Beyoncé's friend, but she is smarter than that you know. I see everything you do is an attempt to compete with her. Every pose you do, you try and look like Beyoncé. Coloring your hair in attempt to look like Beyoncé. Spraying your skin to get a carmel complexion like Beyonce. Do you ..... Boo...Do you!!! Ms. Kardashian - YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED.....YOU Will NEVER be able to keep up or catch up to BEyonce. Let that go, sweety. Let... that... go. Focus on the one talent and event you love the most....Weddings...oKKKKay? That's where your talent lies. And insta-gram selfie pics of your body, thats all you do. The one career that is known you were blessed with, almost caused you jail time....You should have known Brandy's mother is not to be played all!!! well of course you know that now. All I'm asking you to do is, something creative so America can appreciate you for a real talent. That's all, other than that.....we are sick you and insta-gram. Now don't go expediting the wedding to get points. Your colors ought to be black and blue cause you are really a dead ring-er. You have had no success at marriage, only weddings. While you try and blame it on the men you choose to marry. The truth is they were real disappointed with their package after saying "I Do" to you. Do something Kim....Do....Some....Thing!!!!IJS
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