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Kristen Bell Tweets About a Squirrel and Dog Video

The Funniest Celebrity Tweets of the Week!

Have you seen the video of the squirrel who tries to bury his acorn in a sweet dog's fur? If not, Kristen Bell has you covered with the instant classic. In other funny tweets, Jimmy Kimmel has nothing but mean things to say to people who don't love mean tweets, Ellen wants to make you laugh within the confines of a PG rating, and Joan Rivers is still giving celebrities a hard time. Keep reading to LOL at all that and more!

He gets our appaws.

Hold up, who didn't like mean tweets? Please announce yourself.

Keep 'em coming, Ellen!

Award season has literally become a legit season, Joan.

You know a vegetable is the new kale when Seth knows it by name.

Lena's come a long way.

The nerve.

Yeah, Kelly's bum will be revealed if you click that link.

Comforting advice.

When life gives you slush . . .

When does the music start?

Love us some throwback The Office reference.

Pretty sure you know the answer to that.

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