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Felipe3047903 Felipe3047903 4 years
When you can explain to about what do you see in those pictures, that make you believe that woman standing there with red sneaker, is Kristen Stewart. I am talking facts.I am old enough to be Kristen and Robert, great-grandmother.So I am looking for the facts. There are ways that any one picture can be be put on any ones face.But look at the eyes. Are their focus? The eyes are never looking at the person, they are with. And when you look at the woman, from feet up.And standing next to the man that is over 6.2. And she is coming up to his eyes. That is not Kristen Stewart. If that woman is Kristen Stewart. Why would Robert have to bind down to kiss her. If that was Kristen, she would only come to this man chin. And tell me why did their have to make you think, that so call white fence. Is really a 3ft guard-rail. And if you lean on it that way. You will fall over it.There are so many things wrong with these pictures. I will be typing all day. When I see some thing wrong . I will investigate before I call someone I do not know names.But one place for evidences. You can ask Huffpost [is Kristen Stewart cheating photos fake?] There are more but that one will demonstrate how it was done Why after I type all this you not go to let me post this is true. And can proved. I have account with facebook. Why would you want people to keep typing lies about this young girl.I have read more question here that this what I type will answer.The two comments below are mine
Felipe3047903 Felipe3047903 4 years
After reading all that was said, But was so long ago . And I hope most of the writers come back to this.And look at those pictures. You can see and put every pictures back to their originate place. Every one of those pictures I can put it back were it was taken from. , before it was move to this so call affair. I read one comment that asked why Kristen did not look happy , Because when you remove a picture of some one, And put it with a different person or location. You can not get the eyes to focus right when you remove some one picture. This were also done on this Kristen meeting Sanders . And getting in a car with Sanders. A picture of Kristen Stewart. That was taken from a video of Kristen night out with Robert on Kristen birthday I don`t know way you can not see at Because it so ease it dot.And any one that is fair. Go to You Tube and ask to look at the video [ liberty did it //an insider told. This is a young girl career that did not do any thing to you . That to me you can not say you don`t like her. You don`t know her personal. You can only say you don`t like her movie.I say you fans are only saying these ugly things you wish you had her man.He is not a womanize In this pictures above Kristen have on a white top and yellow bra. When they say she is driving Rupert home. Kristen have on a Black top and black bra, Stop trying to harm this woman career. God don`t like ugly.
Felipe3047903 Felipe3047903 4 years
Robert Pattinson is not breaking up with Kristen Stewart. You woman that is writing their opinion is just jealous . I am sorry girls but you can not turn off true love. This man love this girl. This man live with this girl for many years.If you do not remember this man said in 2008 to any one that would listing to his . that he come to the US to get two things. One was to audition for role of Edward. And to met the girl that he had a crush on.When he saw her in the movie Into the Wild. As I said you can not turn off love . Is this not the reason we love this man that he can show this much love for one woman Or are you not jealous that this have not let any other woman or girl turn his head. Give it up. Robert Pattinson in many video on You Tube said that he love this woman Kristen Stewart, and want to be with her a rest of his life. Why don`t you go to You Tube and hear the words coming from him mouth. I don`t think you want to hear what Robert is saying, Because they can put out this photo shop pictures of Kristen Stewart. And if you can not see this or do you want to not see it. They are to ease to dot. But this name calling is stupid, . Go out and find you a man like Robert, There are many.
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
he should never forget what kind of persoan that Stewart is
suka88 suka88 5 years
@kauilady .....your beloved kristen is not married alright, she is a home wrecker period.....don't make any excuse to that fact. It is now between kristen and her soul....there will be judgement in the end especially if eventually Liberty will separate from her cheating husband!!
I-love-Cedric-Diggory I-love-Cedric-Diggory 5 years
It's unbelievable...Look how vulgar looks this thing.I hate her for doing this awful thing to Robert.If she has no feelings and she wanted to have any kind of relationship with this sick bastard she couldl have ended up the whole thing with Robert like a normal person and then continue her plans. We are all shocked because of the way they broke up and not because we believed that they would stay together forever as i read in here.Two young actors,looking always crazy for each other and they share a fresh relationship...why should anyone think that the cheating part is something that can happen? It's insane,we make things (these things) happen to our lives.Idiot and shallow excuses for people who the only thing they now to do is eat others fleshes.   She won't find such a great guy in her whole life and this is her ultimate punishment.
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 5 years
 @1278368she cheated with a married man.she can cheat all she want with Robert .she has no decency to have an affair with a married man.  
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 5 years
 @1278368she really has nothing to be ashame off.where is your morality?she cheated with a married man with children.she knew Liberty they worke together in Swath still she made with her husband in public in the brad daylight.she is a tramp  
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 5 years
deserved love and respect?tell that to Liberty and Robert.she can be happy with out being a cheater and a home wrecker.she is beatiful with no moral values  
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 5 years
some people are just  delusional and in denial.theres a woof in front of thier eyes that why they cant see the truth.Kristen cheated with a married man with children old to be her father.period.the krisbian are blaming everybodty else besides Robert jut to justify and excused Kristen  for cheating on Rob.
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 5 years
 @1278368denial and delusinal  
lgayle lgayle 5 years
Yes I think fake - the pictures seem too clear to me to be pop photos. Posed maybe, but why?
Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
after seeing Rob yesterday I'm glad he dumbed that stupid woman, let her be happy with the old guy, wait he just used her for dry humping? 
1278368 1278368 5 years
Go Kristen, we're with you, a talented actress who deserves to be loved and respected and not judged by a false relationship ......She did very well go out of this farce!! She deserves to be happy, very beautiful!
1278368 1278368 5 years
Kristen Go, we're with you, a talented actress who deserves to be loved and respected and not judged by a false relationship ......She did very well go out of this farce!! She deserves to be happy, very beautiful!
1278368 1278368 5 years
The farce :
Esther3047629 Esther3047629 5 years
this whole thing must be SUCH a nightmare for everyone involved, especially Rob. In a stituation like this you just want to hide from the world but instead he has to start promoting his new movie, then shortly after that promoting the twiglight movie... Horrible situation!    Ashton Lane  7 free songs 
lizade lizade 5 years
Take a close look at her face in these photos. She actually looks disgusted in some of them. In none of them does she look happy or in any way turned-on. I don't believe the pap's version of events, and I really don't like what I'm seeing here. I don't think she wanted to be in that situation at all.
ojoba ojoba 5 years
So fake,Fake,and fake,good for nothing Tramp!! Talking  about the guy,hope his wife take his arse to the cleaners and back again.
kauilady kauilady 5 years
Kristen is not a saint and neither are you guys!! And she's not the only girl on the planet who has done such a thing sheeesh, get a life people. Just because she is the Twilight star, so famous, don't gotta mean she has to be a perfect angel. And shes not the married one with two kids. She is so darn young. She is not married. She may have done wrong but please people, just leave her alone and focus on your own personal issues. Seriously, why is everyone have nothing else better to do than to bash on others they don't even know. They didn't ask for your advice. I hope they work it out.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
 @bt2096 Well they are insulting him with "douchebag" etc.  But he's not getting called "slut"  and "whore" of course.
bt2096 bt2096 5 years
Can anyone tell me why NO ONE's insulting the MARRIED man while everyone's insulting Kristen? It's a two way street, jeez.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
This is such an egregious violation of people's privacy--shame on photographers and US Weekly.
Vincent2 Vincent2 5 years
Very clever Kristen... Why did you let them take all these photos, you should have been more attentive... anw still your biggest fan, I found your profile and family tree on ... love you
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
 @sordid past I think fcuking someone's husband is a little worse than your typical 20 something yr old dude that likes to sleep with chicks
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