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The Late Show's Rescue Dog Rescue Video With Emilia Clarke

Would You Say No to Khaleesi? Emilia Clarke Finds Homes For Puppies, Game of Thrones Style

Just when you thought Game of Thrones couldn't get any better, they go and throw puppies into the equation. Emilia Clarke joined Stephen Colbert for a special Game of Thrones-inspired edition of The Late Show's 'Rescue Dog Rescue," and boy, was it precious.

Each dog came from their own sweetly named House: House Goodboy, House Wagister, House Bark, and House Pugaryen, and we're convinced these puppies absolutely belong in "Woofsteros." The aim of the game is to get each and every one of the puppies adopted in real life. Yep, you can actually adopt these puppies. Emilia and Stephen each took turns telling adorable lies about the dogs waiting for homes, including yellow lab Sansa Bark. Emilia said, "she was actually at the red wedding, but dogs are color blind so, to her, it was just a normal wedding where everyone gets murdered." We're now the proud owner of five adopted dogs we don't have room for, Sorry not sorry.

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