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Mark Wahlberg 1991 Interview | Video

Here's Mark Wahlberg Explaining His Marky Mark Vision in 1991

Back in the early '90s, Mark Wahlberg gave us plenty of memorable Marky Mark moments, and now there's a must-see 1991 interview that's resurfaced. In it, Marky Mark cruises around San Francisco, flexing his biceps and explaining his music philosophy. "Basically, my music is me," he says, explaining how his music career differs from that of his brother Donnie Wahlberg, a member of New Kids on the Block. "It's easier for me as opposed to, like, the New Kids [on the Block], you know what I mean? Because I'm not basically focused on the girls and the love songs and stuff." Earlier this year, Mark talked about his Marky Mark days during an appearance on The Tonight Show, saying, "I was an absolute train wreck. Wow." Watch the funny throwback video above, and then check out more must-see viral videos!

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